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Emerald is the gem of mercury and in astrology mercury represents the intellect, nervous system, finances, communication etc. by wearing an emerald the rays of the planet mercury entering the body get enhanced this improve the strength of the nervous system and the ability to think, to analyze and interpret the situation and give quick response. the financial position of the person improves and the accumulated liquid resources get bigger in size. this planet signifies love and relationships and also it is said that if a man and woman present each other with an emerald stone their love grows and become permanent. mercury is also the planet of public relations, modes of communication and publishing. for person born in the sign of gemini and virgo, also emerald plays a very important role in the lives of person born in the signs of tauras, leo, libra, scorpio, saggitarious, capricorn, aquarious and pisces. if you need to purchase an energised emerald for yourself call now on = 9810014327 (india) all gemstones birthstones available at wholesale rates
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Business Type: Xoxo sky shop and global sky shop, a division of taneja enterprises, is indias largest growing company in the field of telemarketing. we have successfully achieved our aim of providing the comfort of home shopping to the consumers in india by way of media and television programming. the company has the largest network of dealers in india that are working round the clock to satisfy the needs of the customers.
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Company : Xoxo skyshop pvt. ltd
Address : H-4, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015
City : New Delhi
Zip/Postal : 110015
State : New Delhi
Country : Other

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