Neelam/ Blue Sapphire
Neelam/ blue sapphire
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neelam removes evil effects of saturn. it is said that this stone has the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. some astrologers believe that blue sapphire or neelam is so powerful if used properly that it can alleviate even long-term misfortune. however there is a caution. sometimes this stone may react adversely. it is advisable to first test it for a week before final wearing. it could give you everything you could desire - health, wealth, longevity, happiness. it also restores lost wealth and property. this is normally faint or dark blue in colour. sapphire or neelam is a very cold gem. they may be yellow also. it brings wealth, name and fame. it also gives good stamina, longevity and security in life. can improve fertility in a barren woman. best suited for joy, love and happiness. it cures fainting, fits, virility, mental disorder, deafness and baldness. blue sapphire should be worn in gold or panch dhatu, in middle finger of left hand by females an

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