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NSW - 202 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet (Made Of Stainless Steel)

With Acrylic glass door & U.V. Light complete structure made of stainless steel 304 QLTY with cock for gas or vacuum line & exhaust fan.


NSW -150 Incubator (Bottom Heated)

Temperature from ambient to 60C. Thermostatic control with a sensitivity of 1C. Heating elements are provided at the bottom only. Double-walled inside aluminium / stainless steel and outside mild steel sheet painted in epoxy powder coating. Having...


NSW -201 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

NSW introduces a complete range of Horizontal, Vertical and Bio-safe laminar flow clean air cabinets. These are made to meet clean air with the help of filtration, illumination, noise and vibration. NSW laminar flow units with horizontal and vertica...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

NSW-145 High Temperature Oven (390c.)

Triple-walled, inside stainless steel and outside made of Mild Steel painted in epoxy powder coating. Temperature range 50C to 390C. 3C with Digital indicator cum controller. Heating Elements are placed on both sides. Complete with 2/3Nos removab...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

NSW-146 High Temperature Oven (450c.)

Tripple-walled, inside stainless steel and outside made of Mild Steel painted in epoxy powder coating. Temperature range 100C to 450C. 5C with digital indicator cum controller. Heating elements are placed on both sides. Complete with 2/3Nos. Remo...


NSW-148 Try Dryer

Triple walled, inside and outside made of mild steel outside painted in dark chocolate colour. Insulation between the two walls is filled with mineral wool. It is fitted with thermostat and circulation fan also to get uniform temperature from +5C ab...


NSW-151 Incubator Universal (Super Deluxe Model)

Temperature up to 70C. Heating elements are placed in rib sat the bottom and sides. Double walled inside anodized aluminium/stainless steel. The door has synthetic rubber gasket. Outside mild steel painted in epoxy powder coating with perforated adj...


NSW-152 L Horizontal Deep Freezer (Minus 20c)

Temperature can be maintained up to minus 20C only and it has double walled cabinet with 75mm puff-insulation for achieving better temperature in short time. Inside chamber stainless steel 304 qlty. with electronic indicator cum controller with 3 st...


NSW-160 L Deep Freezer (Minus 40c)

These Freezers are fitted with non-CFC compressor and superior digital Control System for Precise Control of temperature the cooling system build temperature fast to achieve -40C in short period. Insulation between the two wall shall be 100 mm by pu...


NSW-175 Humidity Cabinet

Temperature range ambient temperature to 60C. Temperature is controlled by a hydraulic type thermostat with accuracy of 1C. Built-in horizontal L shape thermometer. The humidity is controlled by imported humidistat from atmospheric humidity to 95...

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