54 inches small infrared interactive whiteboard with 924mm X 694mm (Diagonal 45.5inches)
54 inches small infrared interactive whiteboard with 924mm x 694mm (diagonal 45.5inches)
  • Model54 inches small infrared interactive whiteboard with 924mm x 694mm (diagonal 45.5inches)4231
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Product Specifications
54 inches small infrared interactive whiteboard with 924mm x 694mm (diagonal 45.5inches)   specification: technical specifications writing tools: finger or any opaque object, normal whiteboard markers   physical size: 54 inches   effective size: 47inches   phase ratio: 4:3   effective response area: 979mmx 694mm(diagonal 47.1 inches)   effective writing area:924mm x 694mm (diagonal 45.5inches)   physical dimensions: 1121mmx836mm x 45mm (diagonal 54 inches)   shortcuts: right   net weight: 15kg   gross weight: 23kg   intelligent pen tray holder:optional   2)touch features: operating principle:infrared induction technology   positioning accuracy:<2mm   cursor blink rate:120 dots/second   resolution:4096 × 4096   response time:< 8ms in continuous writing practice    induction size:> 3.0mm, recommended size:> 5.0mm (diameter)   touch spot life span:over 60, 000, 000 times single spot touch   3)working environment: power supply:usb power supply (no external power supply needed)   operating voltage:dc 4.6v ~ dc 5v   power consumption:<1w, usb 5v voltage, current < 100ma   cpu:x86-based processor, pentium iii or above;   memory:256mb ram (512mb ram recommended);   hdd:1gb free space;   usb:at least a spare usb interface;   projection equipment:normal projector compatible.   operating temperature:-10 °c to 45 °c   operating humidity:20% to 85%   light test:incandescent (220v, 100w), working distance: 350mm   altitude:3, 000 meters or below   pc interface:usb2.0   working life:5 years or above   work environment:under daylight, indoor & outdoor environment.         labwe (infrared) interactive whiteboard, a combined system of interactive whiteboard hardware and software, is an input device to enable man-machine interaction.         connected the infrared e-blackboard to pc, the infrared e-blackboard screen can synchronously display content on pc screen. in the mean time, the computer can be manipulated by any opaque object operating on the infrared e-blackboard screen instead of mouse connected to the pc. it has surpassed traditional one-way operation of projection equipment system and achieved great breakthrough in terms of interaction.   application:  education, business, military   advantage:       hardware features: 1.accurate positioning, fast response, free from the confines of special pen or stylus   2.module designed inductors embedded in the board frame for easy maintenance and extended-life performance   3. convenient intelligent pens and easy-to-reach intelligent pen tray holder   4.usb power supply, plug and play--needless of external power supply and server   5.durable materials--normal ink marker writable, worry-free from naughty scratches by students and power failure   6.harsh enviro
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Business Type: Head-quartered in shenzhen, p. r. china, labotrix group limited, one of the worlddidac members, is a package solution provider & manufacturer of educational and laboratory equipment for subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, geography, mathematics, and pe, as well as school furniture, interactive electronic whiteboard, language lab, sensor-based products, etc. the mission of labotrix is to serve for education and for the future. with the provision of high standard educational equipment, the company aims at the realization of scientific education, practical education and free education around the world. labotrix group limited has great capacity for educational equipment manufacturing which is featured with technological innovation of the products. the company is iso 9001: 2000 certified. under the guidance of educational euipment research institute(eer), ministry of education, we are one of the major suppliers of educational equipments dedicated to school education in china as well as in many overseas countries. our products are well-performed at chinese school laboratories and very popular among those in more than 25 countries in asia,american,european and african regions. our long histroy in this field and utter dedication to education will make it evident that we are one of the leading processional laboratory equipment manufacturers in china and that we can offer our customers the best solution to their specific needs.
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