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Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating CCCW

  • Model/Article No : Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating (CCCW)15222
  • Category : Building & Construction
  • Manufacture : GZ MASTER
  • Packaging Quantity : 25kg/bag
Product Specifications

Inorganic waterproofing mortar, forms dendritic crystal when there is water. This crystal combines with the concrete together to block out water and other liquid. When the surface and interior of the concrete come out micro cracks, the active substance can hydrated again and produce new hydrated crystal to block out water. So K11 CCCW can make concrete resistant to the water forever. Suitable for places dipping in water all the time, such as swimming pool, drinking water pool and so on. PRODUCT FEATURES ? Excellent waterproof performance, weather resistance and aging resistance ? Can apply on wet substrate, for waterproofing inside and outside ? Superior adhesion, bonding the substrate tightly. The active substance in the slurry can permeate into the pore and micro cracks of concrete substrate and produce chemical action and form a dense crystal waterproof layer. ? Good air permeability, keep the substrate dry ? Environment friendly, no smell and no toxic APPLICATION ? Interior and exterior concrete substrate, cement rendering, light brick substrate ? Wall, floor and roof of constructions, such as basement, tunnel, bridge, kitchen, balcony, washing room and so on ? Swimming pool and drinking water pool such places which always have water. SUBSTRATE PREPARATION ? Substrate should be firm, stable and clean. Gap and holes needed plugging and leveling ? Before construction, wet the substrate and keep it moist, but make sure without water on it CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY ? Powder : water = 25 : 7. First pour the water to stirring tub, stir the water while pour the powder into the tub slowly. Fully stirring to be paste with no powder and precipitate. Stir the paste again after settling down for several minute and be better ? Brushing the mortar directly on the substrate and brushing again and again if bubble coming out to squeeze out the air ? After brushing the first layer of mortar and be curing a little, start to brushing the mortar the second time crossly. ? Dont stir too much for one time. Dispose of the stirred mortar if get cured in the tub. CAUTIONS ? After the coating cured, use spraying water to maintain ? Places especially damp and unventilated, like basement and sealed drinking pool, should use ventilation to accelerate the waterproof coating get cured ? Applying the product between 5~40?. Not allow to apply the product outdoor on rainy days MIX PROPOTION ? powder : liquid = 25 : 7 CONSUMPTION ? Thickness 1.0mm about 1.5kg/? STORAGE ? Shelf life 12 months in dry and cool place unopened EXECUTIVE STANDARD: GB18445-2008 (I)

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