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Marble adhesive

  • Model/Article No : Marble adhesive39579
  • Category : Building & Construction
  • Manufacture : GZ MASTER
  • Packaging Quantity : 25kg/bag
Product Specifications

Interior and exterior floor and wall of bonding marble such heavy material on cement-based substrate, concrete surface, sheetrock and cement-based waterproofing surface. Super adhesion, low contractility, no hollowing, good impermeability, aging resistance, can replace marble dry-hanging. Low alkalinity, avoid mould, black and efflorescence. SURFACE PREPARATION 1, All surfaces must be structurally sound, free from movement and any other loose or contaminating materials. New rendering surface must strongly bond to the substrate. Old rendering surface must be free from loose or hollowing old tiles. 2, Use a 2M ruler to check the flatness, the level difference should be less than 2mm. 3, All surfaces must be dry, clean and free from dust, oil, grease, wax, curing compounds and release agents. (Use 10% sodium hydrate to clean the oil/grease and wash it with water, then wait until it is dry.) 4, Use cement mortar to plug the hole and crack and get them leveling up. Remove all contaminating materials and sharp edges. 5, Use air blower to dry off the surface if it is too wet, and if it is too dry, damp it. If the weather is too hot or the sunlight is too strong, damp the surface a little to cool down. MIXING Add the adhesive to a bucket of clean water mixing constantly with electric mixer until a thick creamy consistency is achieved. The mixing ratio is 25kg of adhesive to approximately 7 liters of water. Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes, remix, and then apply the adhesive. APPLICATION 1, Spread the adhesive onto the substrate using a notched trowel to make it evenly distributed, about 1sqm each time. The thickness can be adjusted by control the angle of the notched trowel, usually it is 45 degree. 2, Tiling from the bottom to the top (wall), from the inner to the outer or from the middle to around (floor). Set the tiles in place by pressing firmly on the face of the tiles and adjust the position with light twisting and sliding action. 3, Use the cross spacer to ensure the joint gap vertical, even and uniformity. 4, Tiling 8 pieces of tiles in place at a time and use a level bar to check the flatness and adjust. PRECAUTIONS 1, Do not apply the adhesive in the place with water or in rainy days. Do not apply the adhesive in temperatures above 40? or below 5?. 2, Do not mix the adhesive too much at a time. Use up the mixture within 3 hours. Do not add more water to the cured adhesive. 3, There is cement in the adhesive. People with skin allergy should take a good protection. 4, For special condition, the proposal of application can be provided by our technical department, 5, During the application period, constantly stirring the mixture is suggested to prevent from setting. COVERAGE 7-10KG/?

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