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Product Specifications

HEMOCHEK-Color Scale for Haemoglobin

Diagnosis Anaemia where there is no Laboratory:

In our country, Anaemia is major health problem affecting large population. Most of the patients with this condition are diagnosed clinically. At first, clinic testing is expensive and several times not accurate too. Considering this, we have designed and are offering HEMOCHEK Colour Scale for Haemoglobin that is an inexpensive, simple alternative for assessing Anaemia.

It has been assured by Laboratory and community studies that our product Hemochek Colour Scale for Haemoglobin provides accurate diagnostic on other methods. This device has been developed for diagnosing Anaemia in Field Condition when laboratory based Hemoglobinometry is not available.

Several Health Centres in their initial validation study confirmed that Colour Scale reading shows the scale to have 99% sensitivity that whether a person is affected by Anaemia or not. Additionally, degree of condition is accurately shown as Mild, Moderate or Severe (known in clinical terms).

Hemochek is a perfect alternate of copper sulphate (CuS04) method for blood transfusion Donor Selection. This method shows accuracy and has been used as reliable screening tool to diagnose Anaemia. Also, our Hemochek Colour Scale for Haemoglobin is best solution to medical practitioners looking for precise technique to measure estimate of Haemoglobin at their clinics and nursing homes for Pregnant Women, Children where drawing of Blood is not easy.

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Hemochek Colour Scale for Haemoglobin is manufactured by Allied Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (AHSPL). It is an ISO 9001: 2008 company, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of medical equipments to improve the health standard of people. AHSPL is a concord of two major Business sectors - In vitro Diagnostics Products for Diagnostic laboratory & Point of Care products for Haemoglobin and Diabetes detection along with consumables.

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Business Type: Hospital Instruments & Equipment
Year Established: 2008
Number of Employees: Our team has helped us  immensely in conquering brilliancy in developing ,designing  and  offering Colour Scale for Haemoglobin and allied products for the Healthcare industry. Hemochek is today  being exported to five Countries.
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Company : Allied Health Sciences Pvt Ltd
Address : 101-C, Kundan Plaza, Ashram,
Zip/Postal : 110014