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Color Scale for Hemoglobin

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Validated and CE Marked Is the simple, reliable and inexpensive answer to Screening Anemia. How to screen anemia in the absence of laboratory - based haemoglobinometry?

How does the Haemoglobin Colour Scale work?

Anemia: Information, Detection, Management Anemia is the most serious complication of iron deficiency and a significant cause of death.

More than half of the pregnant women in developing countries suffer from anemia. The accurate estimation of hemoglobin levels is an essential prerequisite in a variety of other health issues, such as trauma care, selection of blood donors, epidemiological studies, and general primary health care.

The measurement of hemoglobin has long been recognized as fundamental in routine health checks, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and, given the global incidence of anemia, in public health care. The measurement of hemoglobin in blood as an indicator of anemia has traditionally relied on the services of a well-equipped clinical laboratory. Simple techniques do of course exist, but even these are relatively expensive and require commercial reagents, a good degree of technical skill and are not readily available in peripheral health clinics or at point of care for clinicians and midwives.

In primary health care centers, when laboratory facilities are not available, anemia is usually diagnosed from clinical signs (pallor of the conjunctiva, tongue, palms and nail beds, using anemia recognition cards if available), although accurate interpretation of these signs depends a great deal on effective training. However, in rural areas where anemia is common and where appropriate prevention and treatment strategies may be most beneficial, an alternative method is needed to screen for anemia easy and economically. Color Scale for Hemoglobin Estimation is a simple and effective medical device for the accurate estimation of hemoglobin levels in blood.


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