How Agriculture Growth is Dependent on Agriculture Tools and Machineries

Agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy. It has been developing and growing at a faster pace. Did you know that over 70% of the rural household in India earns their livelihood from agriculture? This vast sector also employs approximately 58% of the people in India. India falls at the ninth rank for agriculture export and has been considerably showing its growth. India has the best manufacturers, suppliers, and traders of agriculture. It is one of India’s fastest growing, trusted, and safe platforms that cater to buyers' specific agriculture needs. These agriculture product manufacturers are from a wide range of agriculture product categories such as Pesticides, Livestock, Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Coffee, Beans, Pulses, and many others. For these efficient crop productions, the agro producers are dependent on quality agriculture tools and types of machinery for irrigation Agriculture, Horticulture, and much more. Trade in agro-food products has grown and developed over the last two decades, and agro-food trading has been promoted globally. The agro-based industries depend on agriculture for their raw materials needs and other essential things. Various industries listed as agro-based industries in India are – Textile Industry, Food Processing Industry, Dairy Industry, Vegetable Oil Industry, Sugar Industry, Tea Industry, Coffee Industry, Bamboo Industry, and Jute Industry. The agro-based industries are considered helpful in producing agri products and generating employment in the nation. The Textile Industry is considered the second largest source of employment, and the textiles are manufactured utilizing cotton, jute, silk, wool, etc. The Dairy Industry is one of the most important agro-based industries and contributes to around 5% of the country's GDP. India is the provider of 23% of the supply of milk, which accounts to produce other finished goods such as butter, cheese, curd, ice cream, packaged milk, etc. As far as the Sugar Industry is concerned, India is considered the second-largest exporter of Sugar under agricultural exports and the biggest producer of Sugar. India is also the producer of approximately 5% of vegetable oil globally. The Coffee Industry has also not been lacking behind and making India count among the top ten largest exporters and producers of Coffee in the world. All these industries’ efficiency depends on the quality of the crop and the crop quality depends on the raw material and agricultural implements whereas implements are agricultural tools and machinery used for efficient production and cost-effectiveness.

The growing demand for agriculture tools and machinery is due to the following reasons:

  1. The human labor requirement becomes low which reduces labor costs.
  2. Increase in crop production.
  3. Long-term profits.
  4. Increase in overall income.

The agricultural tools and equipment available in the market are used not only for harvesting but also used for irrigation, planting, soil cultivation, etc. The increase in demand and competition has given growth to the agro tools advancement in which many are replaced by agriculture tools and machinery and agriculture accessories. If you are looking for trusted agriculture tools and equipment manufacturers, then Trade BRIO is a trusted platform to find sellers of agriculture machines and equipment and agriculture accessories manufacturers. Many among the listed are trusted manufacturers of agriculture tools and machinery sellers promise quality at the best price.