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+13 year in the field of VASTUSHASTRA, FENG SHUI, PYRAMIDOLOGY & DOWSING. Applying Energy Balancing & Energy Enhancing process at many premises (House, Plot, Industry etc) in rare combination with Vastu, Feng Shui, Pyramidology instruments for different types of negativities after diagnosis based on calculations & Dowsing etc. Suggestions, guidance & recommendations in buying Plots, Houses, Industries, Business Centers, Agricultural Land etc. & developing positive (YANG) energies from excavation, plinth, flooring etc. by various Minerals, Ratnas, Yantras, Highlighter Pyramids, Metals etc. For PEACE, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY & HAPPY LIFE following steps to be taken accordingly: 1. Detecting Negative Energy (Dowsing). 2. Analyzing with Directions (Compass) or 3. BA GUA (Main Door) directions. 4. Energy balancing: YIN & YANG Reduce, Remove, Neutralized Negative Energy. 5. Energy Enhancing: After balancing energy, second step is to enhance. It can be enhanced in rare combination of Vastu, Feng Shui & Pyramidology and along with various Minerals, Ratnas, Yantras, Highlighter Pyramids, Different Elements, Colors etc. Ultimate goal is to enhance energies of individual to perform the best. All individuals are special with their special qualities and features. Specialties: Energy checking of Premises (Plot, House, Industry, Business Center, Agriculture Land etc) & improve with the combination of Vastu, Feng Shui. Pyramidology. Premises for which you are going to purchase suits you or not. Guiding in your premises the best Zone & Direction to boost your future.
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