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Adjustable Differential Pressure Flow Switch

The Differential Pressure Switch is a new type flow switch, when the water flow (differential pressure) in system rises up or falls down to one set value, it will output a warning or sent switch-off signal to automatic control system. And it could al...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Adjustable Paddle Flow Switch

The GE-315 Series Target Water Flow Switch is a new type flow switch, avoilding rust and bad contact by separating the electricity from the liquid. This products totally give up the isolating part for water and electricity by corrugated pipe applied ...


Air Differential Pressure Flow Switch

GE921 Adjustable Air Differential Pressure Switch for monitoring overpressure, vacuum and differential pressure of air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases. It can be used to sense (differential) pressure and flow of air in ducts and pipes....

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Specification: * Ranges: 0~50Pa~200Pa~1KPa~10KPa ~100KPa ±(50Pa~200Pa~1KPa~10KPa ~100KPa) * Accuracy: 0.1%, 0.5%FS, 1.0%FS * Output: 0~5V; 1~5V; 4~20mA * Power supply: 12VDC~36VDC(24VDC is Standard) *Medium Temperature: -20~85 C *********...


Brass Paddle Flow Switch

GE-316 Paddle Flow Switch is specially designed for the Flow Monitoring of Water Source, Water-Loop Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pump Water Heater. ************************************************** Character: * Good repeatability ...


Differential Pressure Flow Switch with Fixed Setpoint

GE-512 Series is Differential Pressure Switch with Fixed Pressure Setpoint, the setpoint could not be changed. So if the user choose one type of GE-512, the user could not change the flow setpoint, then it will avoid the mistake in Installing. **...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Gas Differential Pressure Switch

The gas pressure switch is used to detect air flow in forced draught appliances, guards against poor or hazardous combustion, indicates dirty or inefficient filters, mainly used in the gas water heater **Pressure Range: 15Pa ~ 950Pa **Max Pressur...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Humidity Temperature Transmitter with CMOSens® & Microprocessor

This transmitter is adopt the CMOSens® technology, measure the humidity and Temperature with high stability. There is 2 components in the sensor, measuring the humidity and hemperature respectively.In the same sensor chip, the 2 components was seamle...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Industrial Pressure Transmitter

GE-201 Pressure Transmitter is a standard version which is designed with precision compensated technology, this industrial pressure transmitter has the character of exact accuracy and high stability .With the most advanced piezoresistive pressure tra...


Plastic Flow Rate Sensor

The plastic flow sensor is produced by POM matrail, achieving the FDA standard, widely used in RO water instrument, dispenser water, water heating systerm, drinking water systerm, to calculate the flow rate. 1. POM Material, accord with FDA Stan...

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