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HUAYIN environmental waste plastic recycling machine

  • Model/Article No : hy-6th-3
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  • Price : 59000 USD
Product Specifications

Waste Management Machine Does your city have huge of waste plastic? Does your city has a lot of cars? Does your city has huge of waste tyre? Do u know waste plastic/ tyre is "gold"? I would like to introduce u a new waste recycle machine, which turns waste plastic, waste tyre into gold. overview of tire retreading machine 1) tire retreading machine turns "waste" into wealth. Tire pyrolysis/recycling plant after several processes like heating, cooling and so on, turns the waste tires and plastic into crude/fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires. 2)The usage of final productions tyre oil machine can also be called fuel oil Fuel oil--power plant factory glass factory cement factory ceramic factory aluminum factory boiler factory central heating factory painting factory Carbon black--electric cable jacketing conveyor ban hose and doormat Black nylon bag rubber additive automatic spare parts heat isolation black colorant in rubber materials plastic pipes industry rubber products fire fighting Steel wires--be re-sale to steel factory 3)The formula of economic benefit analysis The cost of 8 ton tire A Oil output B=8ton*45%=3.6ton Fuel(coal): C=0.8ton*price/ton Electricity : D=15kw*20hour Workers salary E=4(persons) *Price/Person Crude oil F=8ton*45%*Price/ton Carbon black G=8ton*35%*Price/ton Tires wire H=8ton*10%*Price/ton If take waste truck tires as raw material, and HY1-8 type as equipment; Economic benefit analysis of HY-1-8 type equipment 1.Daily cost: a.Raw material:8 ton*1700.00RMB/ton=13600.00RMB b.Fuel:0.4ton*800RMB/ton=320.00RMB c.Water and electricity:15kw*20hour*0.71RMB/kw=213.00RMB d.Workers salary:4(persons) *50.00RMB/Person=200.00RMB e.Tax(remark):free from tax for environmental protection equipment f.Total:14333.00RMB 2.Daily turnover: a.Carbon black:8ton*35%=2.8ton*1500RMB=4200.00RMB b.Crude oil :8ton*45%=3.6ton*4500RMB/ton=16200.00RMB c.Tires wire :8ton*10%=0.8ton*2500RMB/ton=2000.00RMB Total :22400.00RMB 3.Daily gross profit : Gross profit=daily turnover-daily cost=22400.00RMB-14333RMB=8067.00RMB 4)Composition of New tire retreading machine The whole pyrolysis plant is composed by 13 parts ,reactor ,transmission device, catalytic chamber, cooling tube, heavy tank ,oil-water separator,condenser,light oil tank, safety device, vacuum system,dedusting system, draft fan, chimney 5)tire retreading machine working process 1. Firstly, the raw material was put into furnace with auto feeder,then seal the feed inlet system. 2. Secondly, burned the fuel material (coal, or wood, or natural gas, oil ) in the combustion system . The reactor will slowly heat, when the temperature reach around 150 degree Celsius, it will produce oil gas . 3. Oil gas will be processed by our technology ,then gone to cooling system to cold liquid oil. The gas which can not be liquid under normal pressure ,which will be designed to back to combustion system to instead the fuel material to burn the reactor .which can save energy very much. 4. After finished oil produce ,the temperature of reactor will be down ,in the same time ,carbon black will be discharged automatically. 5. Lastly, when the temperature fall to 100 degree Celsius, worker could opened the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire . 6. Then can start to another batch working.

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