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HEAD SIZES FOR WIGS To own wigs you need to know something about your head size. Fortunately almost 19 out of 20 women can wear average head size wigs. That means your head size when measured is between 21" and 22" you can wear average size wigs, which is most of the market anyway. If you are not sure that you have an average size head by looking, measure your head with a tape measure going around the forehead at the hairline, under the hair, behind the ears and around the nape of the neck. If this is too difficult to do by yourself, have someone help you. Also keep in mind that most wigs have a Velcro adjustment tab, that can give you some room increase or decrease size. Measure HeadAverage Fits 21.5" - 22.5" Petite Fits 2O" - 21" Large Fits 22.5" - 24" REASONS FOR CHOOSING A WIG There are two basic reasons to consider: * Style Changes * Hair Loss Replacement If you are thinking about a wig for fun fashion style changes, the sky is the limit! You can go from short to long, from straight to curly, blond to redhead, and the only real rule will be "does it look good?" For the fun fashion customer these guidelines are great tools. They cue you into some basic cosmetic knowledge that takes years of experience to become one's second nature. For the hair replacement wig, selecting a wig close to your own natural style is usually the most comfortable decision. Still you might want to think of your style as a general guide. Remember, wigs do not come in excessively thinned styles. That is because fullness is one of the main reasons that people buy wigs. Fullness, body and shine in hair are universally symbolic of health and beauty. In fact the three attributes that convey beauty in a woman across all civilizations and spanning the generations are: * healthy hair * clean complexion * body shape And healthy hair is ranked first! FACE SHAPE The face shape advice herein is just a real good guideline, and not a hard-fastened rule. There are plenty of exceptions to these suggestions, but if you have not stumbled upon your perfect alter ego style you might want to try to apply these guidelines and see what they can do for you. Anyway, it's good to know if you don't already, just what is your face shape, professionally speaking. So stand in front of a mirror, look straight ahead and ask yourself, which of these face shapes most closely approximates my own? Pay careful attention to the chin and cheekbones and after you have made your best decision click on the face shape, which will take you to a page of suggested wig styles. Then come back here. Round Face Oval Shape Triangular Face Diamond Shape Face Rectangular Triangular Shape Face PUTTING ON A CLIP-ON HAIRPIECE Clip on HairpiecesClip-on hairpieces are by far the easiest and quickest way to go, if you have enough hair to attach the combs. Below are two diagrams showing the easy ways to form a ponytail secured with a coated ponytail holder elastic band. The higher ponytail usually looks best, sweeping up

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Company : Savvy Wig and hair International
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