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TwoMast Luxury Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work Platform

  • Model/Article No : YBC
  • Category : Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • Price : 2000 USD
  • Manufacture : ligao
  • Packaging Quantity : 1set
Product Specifications

Aluminum alloy aerial work platform 1)ISO 9001: 2000 aerial work platform 2)Motor Power: 220V. 3)Operating hight: 8m 10m 12m. Details: (1)Enjoy good vision and small weight (2)Go up and down stably (3)Safe and easy to operate (4)Not easy to fade, long life (5)Occupy little room Main Material: Our Aulminium Alloy Hydraulic Lifts are made up of high grade aluminium profile so that lift and swing can control in a very small deflection. Equipped with the universal wheels and pneumatic rubber tires used three triangular structure, easily and smoothly pushed around to the designated site. Advantage: (1)Beautiful structure, compact main body, light weight, safe and reliable. (2)The control panels are available on the lift platforms and ground. (3)Easily to go through the regular doors and elevators, with low energy consumption, low pollution and little damage to the ground. (4)The lifting height ranges from 3m to 12m, capacity varies from can be up to 200kg. The power sources could be 220V, 380V or changeable battery. Application: It is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as star hotels, modern workshops, business hall, hotels, lobby, restaurant, railway stations, exhibition hall and shopping malls. It is a good helper for the equipment maintenance and paint decoration Frequently Asked Questions and maintenance of lifts (1)Lifts have been debugged and all the technical indicators have reached the design requirements. So you only need to connect the power, without adjusting hydraulic, electrical system. (2)when used, the lift must be placed on a solid flat surface to prevent tipping work. Press the UP and DOWN button, lift the table. If the table does not move, you should immediately shut down for inspection. (3)If the work pressure is too high or electric lift sound unusual, you should immediately shut down and check, so as not to suffer serious mechanical damage; (4) Monthly check the pivot work status. If finding shaft pin or screw loose, you must be locked to prevent the pivot off making the accident. (5)Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced per 6 months; (6) It must be sure to prop up the safety rod while do lift maintenance and cleaning. Aluminum lift works: Hydraulic vane pump oil from the formation of a certain pressure, the oil filter, explosion-proof solenoid valve, throttle valve, check valve, balance valve into the hydraulic cylinder bottom so that liquid cylinder upward movement of the piston, to enhance the weight, the upper hydraulic cylinder through the oil return to tank explosion-proof solenoid valve, through its rated pressure relief valve to adjust, observe the pressure gauge through the gauge readings. Hydraulic cylinder piston downward movement (both weight down). The explosion-proof solenoid hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder valve top, bottom return oil through hydraulic cylinder balancing valve, check valve, throttle valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve to tank. In order to weight down a smooth, safe braking, setting the oil on the road back to balance valve circuit balance, keep up the pressure, the rate of decline varies from heavy, adjust the flow from the throttle to control the lifting speed. In order to secure the brake, to prevent accidents, increase the check valve, that the hydraulic lock to ensure accidental burst in the hydraulic lines when self-locking safety. Installed a voice-activated alarm overload, used to distinguish overloaded or equipment failure. We are the best professional lifting manufacturer of Jinan Municapality. We have our own design and technical team, so you can order the special specification according, we will try our best to meet your demand.

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