New Technology Cryotherapy slimming machine with Cooling handle    
New technology cryotherapy slimming machine with cooling handle    
  • ModelNew technology cryotherapy slimming machine with cooling handle    42721
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  1. honorable clients thanks for your attention to our products s042 cryolipolysis system. for better use this machine, please read through the user manual and follow the isntruction of this machine in detail when you operate the machine. it forbids someone to open and remove the mainframe of this machine besides authorized from the our company. please contanct our in time if there are any question during operation. professional technique from our company to satisfy your kinds of requirements in a good way. 2. technical background excessive body fat can damage people's appearance and athletic ability, may also cause various diseases. excessive adipose tissue may be located in various parts of the body, such as: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, knee, back, face, arms and other areas. and excessive fatty tissue will form a honeycomb of ugly appearance. excessive body fat may be associated with health risks, and therefore the need for effective control or elimination of excess fat approach. to diminish the stubborn body fat, in addition to the use of rf heating, laser-assisted liposuction and high-intensity focused ultrasound to speed up their metabolism, you can try using fresh cryolipolysis technology to thin layer of fat, thereby achieving self-cultivation and plastic shaped effect. the latest cryolipolysis technology is opposite to the way of heating which than other non-invasive means of new and more effective methods. a revolutionary new concept of fat soluble, it has proved it is major breakthrough technology for body reshaping, dissolving fat when it has been put to use. for which a reasonable diet, regular exercise but still throw off the fat of the local people, the latest technology crylipolysis technology condensate is a godsend. whether it is a relatively dense area of ??fat, or fat, smaller parts, such as: hips above the waist on both sides of relaxation of the fat, belly and back fat, the fat soluble refrigeration technology can produce stunning results. blue light has a relaxing effect, all heat-related illnesses and need to blue treatment, conditioning the muscles, ligaments and tissue contraction, quiet and modest results. 3.cryolipolysis theory throughing the freezing effect, remove the fat cell triglyceride off heat, and will remain at 4 ?, so the cold coagulation, and therefore premature aging and death. fat cells in the cold, it will start clearing the natural decomposition process, so that gradually thinner fat layer. through the normal metabolic processes, decreasing the fat layer, to achieve the purpose of partial melting fat. fat cells can be significantly reduced, the fat layer also will become thinner, so that the fat blocks will be killed one by one.cooling skin protection while lifting and tightening.the contact cooling of the handpiece surface regulates the temperature of the skin and protects fine dermal structures, realizing the fast body-reshape effects while tightening skin! 4. operate instructon 5. treatment setting 1. one part of a working time b

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Business Type: Top beauty technology co., a professional manufacturer in beijing. we have a team of technicians with many years of experience. we can provide good service for our customers with oem services, the most popular style, the most competitive price, and the best after-sales service. we were established on oct. 10th, 2000, and we have been doing business with many trading companies and foreign companies.
About Us: top beauty technology co., a professional manufacturer in beijing. we have a team of technicians with many years of experienc
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