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Cam Followers

  • Model/Article No : Cam Followers
  • Category : Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • Price : 0.1 USD
  • Packaging Quantity : Pieces
Product Specifications

KR CF KR NUKR PWKR CR NATR NATV NUTR RSTO STO RNA..2RS NA.... CRY..VUU cam followers(Track rollers) are characterized thick-walled outer rings that run directly on a track. The thick outer rings permit high load-carrying capability while minimized both distribution and bending stresses. Sealed designs with internal thrust washers help extend service life under conditions of infrequent lubrication.

Other Specifications

APPLICATIONS: Ram support rollers, material handling indexing equipment. TYPES: Stud type- KR / KRE / KRV /NUKR / NUKRE / PWKR / PWKRE, yoke type- STO / RSTO / NA22 / RNA22 / NATR / NATV / NUTR / PWTR / NNTR KR 13 KR 13PP KR 16 KR 16PP KRV 16PP KR 19 KR 19PP KRV 19PP KR 22 KR 22PP KRV 22PP KR 26 KR 26PP KRV 26PP KR 30 KR 30 PP KRV 30PP KR 32 KR 32PP KRV 32PP KR 35 KR 35PP KRV 35PP KR 40 KR 40PP KRV 40PP KR 47PP KRV 47PP KR 52PP KRV 52PP KR 62PP KRV 62PP KR 72PP KRV 72PP KR 80PP KRV 80PP KR 90PP KRV 90PP NUKR 35 NUKR 40 NUKR 47 NUKR 52 NUKR 62 NUKR 72 NUKR 80 NUKR 90 CR 8VR CR 8-1VR CR 10VR CR 10-1VR CR 12VR CR 14VR CR 16VR CR 18VR CR 20VR CR 22VR CR 24VR CR 26VR CR 28VR CR 30VR CR 32VR CR 36VR CRH 8-1V CRH 9 V CRH 10-1 V CRH 11V CRH 12V CRH 14V CRH 16V CRH 18V CRH 20V CRH 22V CRH 24V CRH 26V CRH 28V CRH 30V CRH 32V CRH 36V CRH 40V CRH 44V CRH 48V CRH 52V CRH 56V CRH 64V NATR5 NARV5 NATR6 NARV6 NATR8 NARV8 NATR10 NARV10 NATR12 NARV12 NATR15 NARV15 NATR17 NARV17 NATR20 NARV20 NATR25 NARV25 NATR30 NARV30 NATR35 NARV35 NATR40 NARV40 NATR45 NATR50 NARV50 RSTO 5TN RSTO 5TNX RSTO 6TN RSTO 6TNX RSTO 8TN RSTO 8TNX RSTO 10 RSTO 10X RSTO 12 RSTO 12X RSTO 15 RSTO 15X RSTO 17 RSTO 17X RSTO 20 RSTO 20X RSTO 25 RSTO 25X RSTO 30 RSTO 30X RSTO 35 RSTO 35X RSTO 40 RSTO 40X RSTO 45 RSTO 45X RSTO 50 RSTO 50X NUTR15 NUTR202X NUTR17 NUTR1542 NUTR1747 NUTR20 NUTR2052 NUTR25 NUTR2562 NUTR30 NUTR3072 NUTR35 NUTR3580 NUTR40 NUTR3080 NUTR45 NUTR4090 NUTR50 NUTR45100 NUTR50110

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