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  • Model/Article No : Precision Thread Rolling Code : 00248954
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Product Specifications

Precision Thread Rolling The Thread rolling techniques is applied to create external threads. It is really a tough task. It requires supplementary care with the metal treated for threads. Rolled threads have superior characteristics; therefore many tool-accessories are demanded with threads created by rolling technique. This method of screw threads is more efficient and accurate than creating the threads during the moulding of a piece. The process can be applied to create screws on difficult metals. Mahesh Kumar and Company offers one of the best Threading services in the domain. We have developed the best techniques for grazing screw threads on any kind of metal piece. The company has the best set of all machineries which are necessaries to create quality threads on metal pieces. The practice of Threading is performed through dies. They are made of Hardened metal. In treading process, a particular die is pressed with force onto the material. The applied force is increased gradually and doing so grazes specific lines on the piece. The thread rolling process can be applied only for making external threads. It is an important process in tooling and presswork manufacturing. During the threading process, the surface layer of the raw material is put into compressive stress.

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