paper cup making machine, automatic  paper cup making machine
Paper cup making machine, automatic paper cup making machine
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pc1000: our paper cup making machine, pc 1000 is made of rugged frame structure of weight about 2000kgs gives less vibration and less noise gives excellent operating environment. induction gear box: gives accurate positioning and timing which helps us to produce consistent quality even after 3 yrs of operation which has a life of 10yrs under proper maintenance motors: two motors are used to drive the drives top brand indian motors of five star ratings are used ,which gives power savings and very silent in running wearing parts: all sliding and moving parts are heat treated and hardened which adds high life to machine and quality production plc: the paper cup shaping machine, pc 1000 is based on program logic control technology (plc) with an advanced technology. the machine forms single-wrap, two-piece cups. the pc 1000 delivers a host of engineering innovations to ensure reliable, economical, high speed performance auto sensor: each and every single operation in the machine is controlled by an automatic sensor control system auto stop: in the event of any malfunction during the manufacturing process of forming cups, the machine will automatically switch off. this special system ensures long life for the spares of the machine and minimizes paper wastage tool change: machine tool (mould) can be changed quickly in 2 hrs which helps to keep the production with out get affected

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