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Options trading course
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Option trading strategies is one of the most powerful trading tools for the stock trading investors. a true aspect of options trading is only apparent when several options are traded with various combination for creating options and good stock portfolio. it is through combination of options positions a stock investor can create return by combining positions of bought and sold options. when understanding option trading strategies, you will come across names like “bear spreads”, “condors” and “butterflies”. these names should not scare you because in option trading strategies the various mathematical relationships to evaluate the value are used.
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i am an ex banker & was enjoying my retired life. suddenly in 2008, the stock markets crashed all over the world and i saw my own investments crashing by more than 50% within days, before i could think of any corrective measures. that was the time, when i decided that in case, i have to invest in stock markets, i must understand and learn the same to avoid any future shocks.

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