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Anionic garbage capture agent NR08

  • Model/Article No : Anionic garbage capture agent NR-087801
  • Category : Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Packaging Quantity : packing by canton or according to custer's requirement
Product Specifications

This product is low molecular weight, high electropositivity polymer. It can combine with the anionic garbage and tiny textile filters, neutralize and dissolve the anion charge on organic matter and filters, balance wet part charge, reduce anion impurity interferent, improve the retention of tiny fiber and chemicals(sizing agent, cation starch, reinforcer, etc). As well it can improve single-pass retention of paper stock on the net, drainage rate, and operation performance, prolong the service life of blankets and net, reduce steam consumption, increase paper machine running speed and output. Our products can be widely used in kraft paper, corrugated paper, paperboard, textile, core paper, newsprint, writing culture paper and other kings of machine. It not only can be used alone, but also can be used together with our PDAE emulsion retention aid. A two-pack retention and filter system is created. We can get better results by using this two pack system. The main effect (PDAE emulsion new paper used in conjunction with a retention agent) ? Effectively improve the dry paper strength, stiffness, bursting, folding endurance, in breaking length, strength and other physical indicators (10-30% increase). ? Capture of interference as anionic agent, effectively and in the anionic trash.. ? Can significantly increase the fiber and pulp in a small tim retention of the material, the maximum one-way retention can be more than 90% tons of paper pulp about 50-80kg.. ? Whitewater closed circulatory system to normal operation, to maximize efficiency, easy-whitewater clarify and reduce wastage of white water. ? Improve the rate of aqueous slurry, to extend the service life of paper machine clothing ensure that the roll surface, cylinder surfaces clean, improve the speed, maximum high-speed machine to meet the requirements of closed cycle. ? Can effectively improve the sizing of 10-30%, the corresponding lower rosin (neutral size), and 10-30% of the amount of aluminum sulfate. Specification Appearance Solid conten (%) Molecular weight (million) Degree of cation(%) Dissolving time (minutes) PH Value Colourless apparent liquid =20 0.2-0.5 50-60 5-15 4-8

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