Moringa Tea
Moringa tea
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moringa herbal tea is different from most other herbal teas in the way that it not only serves refreshment but also adds a lot of vital nutrients to the body. moringa tea is prepared from the dried leaves of the moringa oleifera tree, which is considered to be the most nutritious plant discovered on the earth. moringa original flavor tea moringa herbal tea or moringa herbal infusion contains dehydrated moringa leaves and moringa fruit pieces packed in tea bags. the moringa tea bag when infused in hot water gives a delicious herbal tea. moringa tea is very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. moringa lemon flavor tea moringa lemon tea contains dried moringa leaves, moringa fruit pieces in combination with lemongrass pieces and natural lemon flavor. the lemon grass gives aromatic lemon flavor and taste to the healthy infusion and this is preferred as a refreshing evening drink. moringa mint flavor tea moringa mint tea gives a wonderful after meals refreshment with its soothing mint flavor combined with the nutritive values of moringa. moringa mint tea contains dried mint leaves along with moringa leaves and pods. it is a good source. moringa ginger flavor tea moringa ginger tea is our classic product. the ginger pieces are specially sourced from the malabar regions and they add a very special taste to the infusion. ginger has many health benefits and this combined with the moringa leaves provides healthy refreshment and this tastes very good after a meal. moringa apple cinnamon flavor tea the dried apple pieces in combination with cinnamon barks provides a delicious taste and this in combination with nutritive moringa leaves makes a special drink for the very special occasions. we source the cinnamon from much selected parts of the world to impart the strong cinnamon taste to this drink. moringa strawberry flavor tea strawberry tea is one of the most admired herbal teas and we have blended the dehydrated strawberry pulp with the nutritive moringa leaves and hibiscus petals. the hibiscus petals add a tartaric taste to the blend and this makes moringa strawberry tea a delicious and nutritious drink. moringa pomegranate flavor tea pomegranate is a fruit heavily appreciated by the health enthusiasts. moringa pomegranate tea is a healthy blend of nutritious moringa leaves and antioxidant rich pomegranate juice. this hibiscus petals adds a special taste to the blend this tea is our all time favorite among the health enthusiasts. moringa green flavor tea moringa green or orijinal tea contain 100% pure organic dehydrated moringa leaves. moringa tea bag when infused in hot water gives an orijinal flavor. moringa tea contain good source of antioxidants. it is a natural tea and it gives good feel for is prepared with orijinal moringa leaf powder.

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Business Type: Grenera nutrients is a manufacturer and supplier of bulk moringa oleifera products, including powder, capsules, oil, and tea. the company has its own moringa oleifera farms. grenera nutrients is an integrated moringa company that deals with every thing from planting the moringa tress to producing value added moringa products and supply them to the customers directly. moringa oleifera (moringa) is called the tree of life because it is one a natures most nutritious foods. the powder in the moringa leaf is containing over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants along with all of the essential amino acids.
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Company : Grenera nutrients pvt ltd
Address : 37 B Puthupalayam, Aval poonduari
City : Erode
Zip/Postal : 638115
State : Tamil Nadu
Country : India

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