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Abel's Flash Point Apparatus electric heated
Abel's flash point apparatus electric heated
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Oil jet test device, separate energy regulator control box. this apparatus is suitable for determining the close cup flash point of petroleum and mixtures it is suitable for oils whose flashes below 70Âșc. it is supplied with oil cup cover fitted with stirrer thermometer socket s.s. water bath stand. an electric heater is fitted to bottom for operation on 220v ac circuits. a) abels flash point apparatus elect. heating with energy regulator control-oil test jet b). energy regulator control gas test jet c). abels flash point app. elect heating with energy regulator and concealed hot plat. d) gas test jet e) same as above but with f.h.p. electrical driven stirrer oil test jet f) gas test jet g) abels flash point app. with voltage varrier digital temp. indicator oil test jet h) gas test jet i) same as above with fhp elect driven stirrer oil test jet j) gas test jet k) oil test jet and gas test jet (combined model)
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