Mesotherapy Beauty Equipment
Mesotherapy beauty equipment
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the description of production: it utilizes the electrical stimulus to open the cortex. then under the technologies of hydropower perforation and electrodialysis, the active elements pass through follicles, sweat gland and passages between cells, so as to penetrate the hypodermic tissues to get deep into the mesoblast . it can open the entrance (break the cell wall)easily by stimulating the aquaporin in the cells membrane and penetrate the membrane,which means it can transport the active elements into the endothecium of the cells membrane without a syringe. the advantages of body shaping machine without needles: 1.renovate the technology: using the theory of the electronic perforation and penetration 2.high efficiency of absorbing, because the nutritions get in the cells directly without pains. side effects: during the whole process, you will not feel any pain. it doesn't change the mechanism of the skin. it is possible to match with the natural active products. 4. used part: applicable to face, cervix, bosom, waist, buttocks and legs 5. improve the effects of complimentary products, whiten the skin, wipe off wrinkles and lose weight. frequency: 2.2khz for deep skin 4.5khz for middle layer 6.0 khz for surface layer intensity regulation: 1-30 infusion spped:1-10 seconds(5s, means infuse every seconds) applied range: promote the tissue metabolism skin elasticity

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Business Type: Body slimming cavitation machine, electroporation machine, led soft photon equipment,microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, rf , healthy analyser, bump plump, derma roller, photon derma roller
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Company : Guangzhou ehao body&facial beauty equipments center
Address : Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
City : Guangzhou
Zip/Postal : 510385
State : Guangdong
Country : India