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  • Model/Article No : GAA6
  • Category : Medical & Surgical Equipment
  • Price : 150 USD
  • Manufacture : Glass Agencies
  • Packaging Quantity : Pieces
Product Specifications

Glass Agencies are Manufacturer and Exporter of all type of Hospital Furniture . Our EROSE Hospital Furniture are, Hospital ICU Bed, Electrical ICU Bed, Hospital Full Fowler Bed , Hospital Full Fowler Bed , Hospital Semi Fowler Bed , Semi Fowler Bed , Hospital Warden Bed , Hospital Warden Bed With Back Rest , Hospital Plain Bed, Hospital Attendant Bed, Hospital Paediatric Bed , Baby Cot , Labour Table , Baby Cradle , Labour Bed , Delivery Table Telescopic Type , Delivery Bed, Telescopic Delivery Table , Gynaecological Delivery Bed , Blood Donor Couch, Examination Table , Examination Couch, Patient Examination Couch , Hospital Examination Couch, Bed Side Locker, Dressing Trolley, Instrument Trolley , Mayo Trolley , Cylinder Trolley , Emergency Crash Cart, Folding Stretcher, Folding Stretcher Four Fold, Stretcher Trolley , Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley , Overbed Table , I.V. Stand , Height Measuring Stand , Folding Wheel Chair, Wheel Chair With Cushion Seat , Commode Stool Folding , Basins Stand , Revolving Stool , Visitor Stool , Revolving Stool , Post mortem Table, Autopsy Table, Dissecting Table , Liner Trolley , Instrument Cabinet , Bed Side Screen , Foot Step , Kick Bucket, medicine trolley, almirah, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, needle destroyer, ambu bag, Vaccum extractor, Stethoscope, B.P. Apparatus, Sphygmomanometer, Angle poise lamp.

Other Specifications

Our EROSE Medical Products are Surgical Bandage Gloves, Centrifuge Machines, Autoclaves, Sterlizer, Dressing Drum, Surgical Blades, Suction Units, X ray view Box, Tonometer, Cannula, Suture Needles, Enema Syringes, Plastic Bottles for Medicine, Equipments of Pharmacology, Dental Instruments, Electro Medical Instruments, Veterinary Inst, Wheel Chairs, Hospital Furniture, Caps, Masks, Gowns, Drapes, Latex Rubber Gloves, Examination gloves, Surgical gloves, First Aid Kits, Syringes and Needle, Face mask, surgeon cap, oxygen mask, Lab Coat, urine container, stool container, urine bag, cord clamp, scalp vein set, Ryles tube, rectal tube, Nasal oxygen cannula, Mucus Extractor Infant, Infant Feeding Tube, Endotracheal tube, Catheter Foley balloon, Blood Administration set, Cotton, Bandages, Gauge. Our EROSE Surgical, Obstetrics, Gynacology Instruments are Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel Hospital Utilities, Dental Instruments, Surgical Implants, Forceps and Twisters, Scissors, Operation Theater Instruments, Anesthetic Equipments, Cardiac Care Equipments, Ward Bed, Trolly's , Chair Etc, Electro-Surgical Instruments, Bed pan, bone cutter, catheter tray, Dissecting set, Dressing drum, Ear syringe, E.N.T set, Laryngoscope, Forcep, Sterilizers, Kidney Tray, Instrument Trays, Lotion Bowl, Scalple, Scissors, pliers, Autoclaves, Microtomes, surgical dental instruments, wheel chair. Our EROSE Biology Products are AUTOMATIC RASER SHARPNER, B.P.APPARATUS, CAMERA LUCIDA, CHARTS PRINTED RAXINE, COVER SLIP, DEMONSTRATION EYE PIECE, FIBER GLASS MODELS, HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY MODELS, HEAMOGLOBINOMETER, HAEMOCYTOMETER, HAND REFRACTROMETER, KYMOGRAPHY, MICROMETER EYE PIECE, MICRO- PHOTOGRAPHY APP, MECHANICAL STAGE, MICROMETER EYE PC, MODELS FIBER GLASS, PHOTOGRAPHY ATTACHMENT, PLANT PHYSILOGY APPARATUS, Animal Sciences, Botany, Biochemistry, Ecology, Embryology, Forestry, Histology, Human Physiology, Parasitology (Entomology), Plant Physiology, Veterinary, Zoology, all Other Branches of Biology and Life Sciences, Human Anatomy, Skeletons, Dissection Sets, Animal Cages, Aquarium, Various Net, Preserved Animals, Collection Sets, Life History Mounts, Skeletal Preparations, Alizarine Preparations, Plastic Embedded Specimens, Plain Slides, Frosted Slides, Prepared Microscopic Slides (Permanent), Cover slips, Museum Mounts, Demonstration Sets, Charts On Rexine, Charts on Paper, charts Hand Drawn or Printed, Biological Models, Plastic, Fibre Glass. Our EROSE Digital Electronic Lab Instruments are Filter Photo Calorimeter, Conductivity meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, PH Meter, Microprocessor based Ph Meter, Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, UV Spectrophotometer, UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Water and Soil Analysis Kit, Flame Photometer, Turbidity meter, Microprocessor Flame photometer, Flamephotometer, Semi Auto Analyzer, Portable Instruments, Microprocessor filter Photo Colorimeter, Spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, Ph meter, Water and Soil Testing Kit, Filter Photocalorimeter, Colony counter, Auto Karl fisher titrimeter, Microprocessor auto karl fisher titrimeter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter, TDS meter, Salinity meter, Disolved oxygen meter. Our EROSE Chemistry lab Instruments are Analytical Balance, Laboratory Aprons, Aspirator bottle, Auxanometers, Bar magnet, Evaporating Basin, Crucible tong, Beaker Tong, Beaker, Beehive shelf, Bell jar, Bimettalic strip, Bioviewers, Drawing board, Dissecting Board, Force board, Boiling Flask, botany Models, Bottle Brush, Dropping Bottle, Graduated glass bottle, Salt bridge, Buchner funnel, bulb Type pipette filler, Rubber cork, Burette stand, Butterfly net, Chemical storage cabinet, Decade resistance box, Capillary tube, carbon Electrodes, Oscilloscope, Centrifuge tube, Charles law apparatus, Chromatography apparatus, G Clamp, Mohr Clip, Cobalt chloride test paper, Induction Coil, Helmholtz coil, Plotting Compass, Lovibond comparator, Copper voltameter, Daniel Cell, Concave mirror, tally Counter, Cover glass, Gooch crucible, Metal cubes, Cuvette, Graduated Glass Cylinder, Four stroke Petrol Engine model, Four stroke Diesel Engine Model, Vaccum dessicator, Lens holder, Test Tube holder, Theodolite, pipe caly triangle, Rubber tube, Sunshine recorder, Slide box, Stroboscope, Diffraction gratings, Disposable laboratory cloths, Disecting Pin, Zinc Plate, zinc Rod, Wall Thermometer, fly Wheel unit, Double beam balance, drying Cabinet, Demonstration Dynamo model, ebonite Rod, Egg Incubator, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Fire extinguishers, Wash bottle, Vaccum Pump, Van de graaff generators, Wire gauge, Inclined Plane, Dynamic Trolley, Optical bench, Stop Clock, Wind Vane, Boyle’s law Apparatus, Ticker tape timer, Ripple tank, Fortins Barometer, APRON, APRON COAT, ABBA REFRACTROMETER, ATOMIC MODEL SET, ASBESTOS SHEET, BOROSIL BEAKER GLASS, BALANCE ANALYTICAL, BALANCE CHEMICAL, BALANCE CHINOMATIC , BALANCE AIR DAMPING, BALANCE ELECTRONIC DIGITAL, BALANCE LIVER, BALANCE PHYSICAL, BALABCE SINGLE PAN, BUNSEN BURNER, BURETTE PIPETTE, CENTRIFUGE, CHROMOTOGRAPHYS APPARATUS, CABINET, CALCULATOR, CONDENSER, AIR, CONDENSER LEIBIGS, CORK BORING MACHINE, CRUCIBLE SILICA, CRUCIBLE SINTERED, DISTILLATION APPARATUS BOROSIL, DROPPERS GLASS, EXTRACTION APPARATUS (SOXHLET), FORTIN'S BAROMETER, FUNNEL STAND, GLAZED TILES, GLASSWARE, BOROSIL PYREX, GLASSWARE ORDINARY, INFRA RED MOISTURE METER, IRON STANDS, KIPPS APPARATUS, LABORATORY MIXER, MOISTURE METER, PLASTIC WARE, POLARIMETER, PYKNOMETER, RUBBER TUBE, SOXHLET EXTRACTION APP, STOP WATCH, STOP CLOCK, S V LAMP and TRANSFORMER, STALGNOMETER, THERMOMETERS, THERMOMETERS PRECISION, UV LAMP / TUBE, VISCOMETER, WEIGHT BOX ANALYTICAL,WEIGHT BOX FRECTION, WILLY MILL, WATER STILL ELECTRIC BURNSTED, WATCH GLASS, WIRE GUAGE, WASH BOTTLE, Woodenware, Polytheneware, Silicaware, Porcelainware, Sintered Laboratory Glassware, Prism, Soda Glassware Apparatus, Neutral glassware Apparatus, Burner, gas tap, boss head, clamp, retort stand, burette clamp, tripod stand, pencil jockey, pulley, screw gauge, slotted weight, spatula, tongs, tuning fork, vernier caliper.

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Business Type: Hospital Instruments & Equipment
Year Established: 1956
Number of Employees:  
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Company : Glass Agencies
Address : # 5309, Anaj mandi, Grain market, nr. B D high school
Zip/Postal : 133001