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Dried sea cucumber

  • Model/Article No : Dried sea cucumber21616
  • Category : Food and Beverage
  • Price : 10 USD
  • Manufacture : Marine Farm Plc Cameroon
  • Packaging Quantity : Packed in kgs to avoid any wetness or moisture
Product Specifications

Marine Farm PLC, is one of the leading companies in sea food products in Cameroon, our farms are located at the coastal regions of Cameroon. We are manufacturers and exporters of huge quantities of dried sea cucumber. Our products are 100% sun dried, no mud, no sand and very clean, natural, no chemicals, high quality, good for health, has many sizes and species. We can deliver with large quantities per month. Our prices are very fair and its our major priority to meet the concerns or needs of our customers. We have the following species of dried sea cucumber: White Teatfish Black Sandfish Black teatfish Prickly Redfish Deep-water Redfish Stonefish Surf Redfish Brown Sandfish Lolly Fish Pinkfish Elephant's Trush Fish Greenfish Curryfish Tiger fish We are able to handle monthly supplies of any quantity. The pricing for sea cucumbers are seasonal and also depend on the amount of quantities ordered. If you are interested to purchasing from us, please email your specifications for a quotation. Our prices are very negotiable though discounts are available in cases of huge demand. Buyer is responsible for handling of the transportation and delivery cost of dried sea cucumber to his or her location. During transportation and delivery, sea cucumber is packaged and shipped in accordance with international conditions put in place and products travel with the necessary documentation required and are delivered with such documents. Our products do not originate entirely from Cameroon, we equally buy unprocessed sea cucumber from South American countries where they have a lot of sea cucumber but they are disadvantaged with the weather conditions. They do not have enough sun light to properly sun dry the sea cucumber hence we buy very huge quantities from them and process here in Cameroon before reselling. Mr. Jean Paul, Marine Farm PLC, Idenua, SouthWest Province, Cameroon PO box 598, Idenua South West Province, Cameroon Telephone: +237-95277129

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Business Type: Seafood
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Company : Marine Farm Plc Idenua
Address : 42 Mokoko street Idenua
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