DK-100 Modular E-tally Counter
Dk-100 modular e-tally counter
  • ModelDk-100 modular e-tally counter19139
  • Manufacure_nameLine seiki co., ltd.
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Product Specifications
The dk-100 series is a simple and unique electronic tally counter. it is the first modular type electronic tally counter with large lcd display, easy to use and very handy and portable. the dk-100 series comes in two types, the hand-held type and the desktop type. the dk-100h is the hand-held type with a very simple form that can fit perfectly in one's hand. it has a large 4-digit lcd display for easy viewing. it is easy to operate with only 2 functioning buttons. a large count button that can be easily operated even without looking at the unit and a small reset button to avoid accidental resetting. it is powered by a replaceable battery and unit comes with a neck strap. the dk-100d and dk-100m are the desktop type. it has a unique modular design, multiple units can be interlinked together to become a combined tally counter. the dk-100d and dk-100m both have large 4-digits lcd displays, and the same functional buttons like the hand-held type. the dk-100d is a stand alone desktop unit or a slave
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Basic Information
Business Type: Line seiki group of companies is a pioneer in the counting technology and remains one of the leading manufacturers of counters and other measuring instruments. our mother company, line seiki co., ltd. was established in 1949 and was one of the first companies introduced counters to the japanese market. it has since added numerous other measuring instruments to its product range gaining wide recognition in europe, asia and usa.
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Company : Line seiki co., ltd.
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