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Cast Steel Shot

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Product Specifications

One of the most important aspects of Cut Wire Shot is its versatility. Cut Wire Shot can be made from many materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon steel of various hardness levels, Aluminiums and Zinc. Size of media is not limited to the standards. Conditioning is offered in Standard degrees: As-cut, Normal, double and Special. Others degrees of Conditioning are, and can be supplied as well. Hardness ranges other than those discussed above can also be supplied.

  • Basic Raw Material is far lower in Physical properties & Composition. This cause BLOW HOLES, POROSITY & SHRINKAGE, which makes the shot FRACTURE into SMALL PARTICLES
  • Grain size of cast shot is UNSTABILIZED
  • Shot being produced are of mixed size, hence product is a mix of various spherical sizes
  • Hardness variation is large
  • In Micro-structure Carbide always there
  • Steel Shot break in-to Dust
  • Higher Consumption requires high Inventory, more Money & Space as well
  • Shot consumption is higher
  • Increases Working Cycle Time, due to higher consumption in shot blasting/peening
  • No Consistency in performance, due to fast deterioration in Size
  • Less usage life
  • Lower Purchase Price

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