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surface sizing agen

  • Model/Article No : surface sizing agen84029
  • Category : Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Manufacture : Hubei Jianyun Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Packaging Quantity : 200 kg or 1000 kg plastic barrel
Product Specifications

?Introduction This series of products are the new type of high polymer for a wide range of application. It can be used for a variety of surface sizing equipment. Used with amylum together can obtain excellent surface strength, stiffness and water resistance. ?Technical index Model C30 B30 B15 B25 Appearance Milky white liquid Light gray latex Milky white liquid Milky white liquid Solid content 30 2% 28 2% 15% 1% 25% 2% PH value 2-5.5 2.5-5.5 2.5-5.5 4.5-6.5 Viscosity <30mpa.s <30mpa.s <30mpa.s <30mpa.s Ionicity Catiion Anion Cation Anion ? Capability 1. The surface sizing agent has excellent sizing effect. Used in surface sizing, its easily to retain on the paper surface, and thus get the best water resistance. 2. C30 for the class of cationic styrene-acrylic emulsion has high retention rate, excellent water resistance, and is suitable for a wide range. 3. B30 for the class of anionic styrene-acrylic emulsion can be mixed with other whitening agent. Its suitable to Watts for the surface sizing of high-strength corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper and so on. Generally the dosage of per ton of paper is 1-3 kg, Under the machine ripenging, its not getting damp, low dosage, cost-effective. Its the leading domestic product. 4. B15 for AKD emulsion polymer resin, which is suitable for internal sizing, also applies to surface sizing. It has features of fast ripening, excellent water resistance. In the internal sizing, compared with ordinary KAD sizing, it can reduce the dosage of more than 15%. 5. B25 for the anionic wax emulsion applies to the production of high whiteness culture paper, fruit bag paper etc. It has good compatibility with dyes and whitening agent. ? Direction 1. Before using the products, be aware of the product ions. Do not mix with the opposite charge matter. 2. It is recommended that in the feeding pump pipeline outlet of the amylum solution continuously add by metering, 1.0-5 kg sizing agent per ton of paper. The use of B15 or B30 should be added with the use of aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate is generally the amount of 2-3 kg per ton of paper. 3: Best use of temperature is controlled at about 65 ?. Should avoid high temperature, or affect the results. ?packaging and storage 1. 200 kg or 1000 kg plastic barrel. 2: Indoor storage. Avoid high temperature or frozen, it is recommended used within 3 month

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