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CSA cement Calcium Sulpho Aluminate

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Product Specifications

CSA cement is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulphoaluminate,rather than calcium aluminates which are the basis of CALCIUM ALUMINATE CEMENT or calcium silicates which are the basis of PORTLAND CEMENT. The difference gives csa cement properties particularly suited to formulators of products such as self-leveling or self-smoothing compounds, rapid hardening screeds, tile adhesives, non-shrink grouts, rapid setting and special mortars. HCSA BINDER is used in formulated products either as a hydraulic binder by itself or with the addition of calcium sulphates, or in combination with PORTLAND cement. The setting time is quicker than that of PORTLAND cement,and it also has a rapid strength development. HCSA BINDER dose not release free lime during hydration thus eliminates the major cause of efflorescence. HCSA BINDER is manufactured under a strict quality assurance systems GB/T 19001-2000(i.e.ISO9001:2000) and GB/T 24001-1996(i.e. ISO 14001:1996) which accommodates the technical requirements of building chemistry formulators. HCSA BINDER is normally supplied in one-tonne bag which include a moister resistant barrier. However ,in common with all hydraulic binders HCSA BINDER must be kept from moisture,and can retain its properties for up to six months when properly stored. The properties of HCSA BINDER conform to the standards of the manufacturer and to the Chinese relevant standards. The chemical analysis of HCSA BINDER has been determined according to the following : GB/T 176-1996 Methods of chemical analysis for cement Main constituents (%) SiO2: 4.5~6.5 Al2O3: 36~39 Fe2O3: 1.0~2.0 CaO: 39~41 MgO: 1.5~2.1 TiO2: 1.0~1.5 SO3: 9~11 C4A3S, Second Phases: C2S, C4AF. CSA cement, also named calcium sulpho aluminate cement with grade: 525(42.5), 625(52.5), 725(62.5), 825(72.5), 925(82.5), 1025(92.5), is a hydraulic binder based on calcium sulpho aluminate, rather than calcium aluminates which are the basis of Calcium Aluminates Cement or calcium silicates which are the basis of Portland Cement. Because of the advantages of Polar Bear CSA cement, such as rapid hardening, high-strength, freeze resistance, impermeability, adjustable setting time, good fluidity, corrosion resistance, low PH value, low dry shrinkage and micro expansion, and so on, Polar Bear CSA cement can be applied to obtain a wide range of products such as fast setting cements, self-leveling or self-smoothing compounds, rapid hardening mortars, tile adhesives, non-shrink grouts, water stopping mortars, urgent repair mortars, rapid setting and special mortars, GRC, etc.

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