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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

  • Model/Article No : Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge6382
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Product Specifications

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge The production process of activated carbon can be divided into two procedures: carbonization and activation. Carbonization is a process in which the material is turned into porous carbon structure through pyrolysis under conditions of lacking oxygen and between the temperatures 300-500°C. During carbonization, most of non-carbon elements (i.e.oxyhydrogen) will be eliminated as volatile gas by decomposition procedure of material. Such carbonization product (carbon atom combination)-the piece structure of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, due to its difform, the chink will become the pore structure in activation procedure. Theory: The activated carbon is oxidize the coconut shells, charcoal, wood or coal under high temperatures. Make them become the particles with many small pores inside. The hole on the surface is wider and become narrower inner, and finally sealed itself inside. The width of pore is from several angstrom to tens of thousands of angstrom. For 1 gram of Activated carbon, the measure of area for pore is about 1,500 square meter. The activated carbon is using pores to absorb chlorine and organic matter. Regarding the“Adsorption”and“absorption”, there is one letter different in spelling, but their effect is total different. Absorption is to adhere impurity to the surface of the activated carbon, two objects will not turn into one and bring any chemical reaction. Thus, after using several times, the activated carbon will lose adsorption effectiveness and cant be used anymore then need to make a replacement. The waters dissolubility impurities, except iron, manganese etc. some organic matter are also included. Lots of industrial chemical material or by-products dont be handled by environmental protection way, and just be pour out to the ground or river casually. There are over ten thousand industrial waste material through groundwater or river water source place and become our drinking water source. Waste material including many kind of inorganic and organic matters chemical composition, its not easy and impossible to check each of them out. The adsorption to the organic material and some chemical medicine (i.e chlorine) is very effective. Adsorption is using objects surface pores to absorb some impurities, the most representative material is activated carbon.

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