Acid Brown 357 Acid Brown 355 and 282 Liquid Wood Dyes
Acid brown 357 acid brown 355 and 282 liquid wood dyes
  • ModelAcid brown 357 acid brown 355 and 282 liquid wood dyes6237
  • Manufacure_nameAdler dyes
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Product Specifications
Adler acid liquid dyes for wood coloring - brown wood dyes the mth are azo-metal complex dye concentrated solutions selected for their high versatility in the wood stain formulations solvent and water/solvent based. all mth products main features are: low viscosity, easiness to use, intensive hue. thanks to their high versatility, all mth products are suitable for both water and solvent wood stains. moreover it is possible to achieve excellent values of hue uniformity, trasparency and brilliance because of the good mths penetration into the wood. high hue uniformity makes mth products suitable to the painting of internal manufactures. the high transparency allows to obtain very good results with noble woods, such as nut-tree, cherry, beech, tanganyika nut-tree, briar. all mth products can be mixed together in every proportion and they are perfectly compatible with many pigmented bases, therefore they can be successfully used to make dye/pigment mixed stains. mth product list: mth 38 - brown 38 - acid brown 357 mth35 - brown 35 - acid brown 355 mth137ck - brown 137 - acid brown 282 mth 126 ck - red 126 - acid red 407 mth 26 - red 26 - acid red 315 mth 27 - red 27 - acid red 249 mth 181 ck - red 181 - acid red 405 mth 124 ck - orange 124 - acid orange 154 mth 24 - orange 24 - acid orange 139 mth115 - yellow 115 - acid yellow 48 mth 20 - yellow 20 - acid yellow 151 mth 120 ck - yellow 120 - acid yellow 220 mth 80 - bordeaux 80 - acid violet 90 mth091 - green 091 - acid green 26 mth09 - green 09 - acid green 73 mth107ck - blue 107 - acid blue 260 mth108 - blue 108 - acid blue 284 mth43 - black 43 - acid black 194 mth44 - black 44 - acid black 164 mth145ck - black 145 - acid black 52
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Basic Information
Business Type: Adler develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of products designed for colouring wood and leather: water and solvent-based colours, thinners for colours, vehicles, aging patinas and shaders, additives, nuances for correcting colours and paints, specially formulated to suit the application, the colour effect required and the type of support used. the quality of its products and its technical competency, professionalism and great regard for the costumer have enabled adler to grow over the years, expanding its role and prestige in the furniture and leather industry. the company core is the chemical and technological laboratory where systematically: - the raw materials supplied by the international markets are studied, selected and checked; - the products are developed to meet the on going evolution in market demand; - finished products undergo rigorous testing before delivery to the costumer. the production department is organized in order to guarantee the maximum flexibility, thus enabling adler to quickly respond to the costumers' every need. a powerful, articulated computer system makes it possible to constantly, unambiguously keep tabs on more than 12.000 products, 80% of which are produced against specific job orders. the adler technical services department is at the costumer's disposal both before and after the sale, working with a sense of reciprocal cooperation and trust.
Contact Information
Company : Adler dyes srl
Address : Via Calabria, 6
City : Osteria Grande
Zip/Postal : 40060
State : Bologna
Country : Italy