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8 Inch Ultrafiltration FRP Membrane Housing

  • Model/Article No : 8 Inch Ultrafiltration FRP Membrane Housing
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Product Specifications

8" ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing as membrane filtration element is used to purify sea waters, laboratory water, hospital water, pharmaceutical water, electronic grade water, domestic and commercial water, general industrial water and so on. This 8 inch ultrafiltration pressure vessel adopts advanced technology and high precision determination of machine manufacturing. And it can be used for a long time for critical and demanding applications, such as reverse osmosis, high filtration and ultrafiltration. In addition, with advantages of low maintenance, anti-aging and anti-oxidation properties, 8" ultrafiltration FRP pressure vessel is applicable in industrial waste water treatment, brackish water desalination, health care, chemical, medical, power system, food and beverage industry, metallurgical industry and many other areas. Specifications: Product name: 8" ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing. Material: FRP. Surface treatment: polyurethane coated. Color: Standard color is white, other colors can also be customized. Number of elements: 1-7 core. Connection type: end port or side port. Model number description: Model number description about 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing. 1 - Membrane housing material: FRP. 2 - Membrane housing diameter: 8 inches. 3 - Membrane housing type: Ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing. 4 - Maximum pressure value of membrane housing: 150 psi. 5 - Membrane housing color: White (Standard color). 6 - Membrane housing length: 1 core. Two pictures about sketch cross section and end plate sketch of 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing. Sketch of 8 inch ultrafiltration side port FRP membrane housing. Schematic diagram of components about 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP pressure vessel. Spare parts of 8" Ultrafiltration side port FRP membrane housing Item Description Material Quantity 01 Shell FRP 1 02 Conformal block Stainless steel 304 (with bolt and shim) 2 set 03 Sealing ring EPDM 2 04 Sealing ring EPDM 12 05 Sealing ring EPDM 8 06 Clamp ring Stainless steel 304 6 07 F/C port ABS 6 08 Strap Stainless steel 304 2-3 09 Strap screw Stainless steel 304 4-6 10 Saddle Nature rubber 2-3 11 End plug ABS 2 12 Shim ABS 2 13 Adapter ABS 2 Specifications of 8" Ultrafiltration side port FRP membrane housing Item Working pressure Length L P S Weight psi Number of core mm mm mm kg F80U150W-1 150 1 1878 1612 800 36 F80U150W-2 2 3415 3149 2100 44 F80U150W-3 3 4952 4686 2116 × 2 52 F80U150W-4 4 6489 6223 2300 × 2 60 Attention: Your special requirements can always be met. Please correct operation in accordance with the instructions. Above values are only for reference, and cannot be used for construction unless it is confirmed. Parts form is for reference only, the specific form is based on parts drawings shall prevail. Specifications are subject to change without notice for further improvement. Main technical characteristics: Available working pressure: 150 psi. Operating temperature: -7°C - 49°C. Standard test pressure: 1.5 times design pressure. ASME test pressure: 1.1 times design pressure. Operation PH range: PH 3-11 water. Cleaning PH range: 2-12. (less than 30 minutes) Internal maximum working pressure of water outlet: 125 psi. Optional feed/concentrate port size: End port: 1.5 inches. Side port: 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches. Applicable standard membranes: Hydranautics, DOW, Filmtec, Desal, Koch, CSM, TORAY and a variety of standard membrane elements. Features: Low maintenance. Long service life. Rust resistance. Anti-corrosion. Durable shell Construction. Anti-aging and anti-oxidation. Quick lock head retention system. Easy and quick operation of installation and unloading. In addition to FRP membrane housing professional recovery, the rest parts can be recycled. Applications: Power system. Health care. Metallurgical industry. Chemical industry. Medical industry. Automotive application. Food and beverage industry. Industrial waste water treatment and brackish water desalination. Many 8 inch ultra filtration FRP membrane housings are working in the factory. FMH8U-2: 8" ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing can be used in chemical industry.Fourteen 8 inch ultra filtration FRP pressure vessels are operating for water purification. FMH8U-3: 8" ultrafiltration FRP pressure vessel for waste water treatment. Packaging: Inside: Each one is packed with foam paper and wrapped with bubble bag. Outside: Each one is packed with a carton box, and then on plywood pallet. 8 inch ultra filtration FRP membrane housings are divided onto two wooden pallets, and each one is wrapped with plastic film. FMH8U-4: 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP membrane housing can be packed with plastic film.Each 8 inch ultra filtration FRP pressure vessel is packaged with cardboard outside, and pile up together in order in the factory. FMH8U-5: 8 inch ultrafiltration FRP pressure vessel taped with cardboard package. If you are interested in our products can contact us via

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