3D Firework Glasses
3d firework glasses
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3d glasses for viewing fireworks displays, raves and laser shows. firework glasses fireworks glasses let you view your world in bright new colors. the rainbow burst will amaze you. printed in exciting full color graphics with educational information on the back. fireworks glasses are great for watching fireworks displays, holiday lights, city and street lights and even the moon and stars. also, it works on the bubbles which under the sunshine, appear patterns. chromadepth glasses chromadepth glasses and 3d imaging are the newest and most versatile 3d methods available. this proprietary process allows spectacular 3d images to be created and presented in film, video, television, computer graphics, and laser displays. unlike the traditional 3d process that requires 2 images , chromadepth information is encoded from a single image through the use of binary optics and color. the 3d chromadepth glasses create striking 3d images from normal 2d images by pulling forward the color red to the foreground and sorting the remaining colors according to their position in the rainbow. the chromadepth process encourages fantastic 3d illusions without compromising the quality of the image when viewed without the glasses. 3d holospex glasses 3d holospex glasses with patented holographic lenses bend the light creating a magical pattern from every bright point of light. amazing patterns, images and logos spring to life creating a visual spectacle and a lasting impression. 3d holospex glasses create spectacular holographic illusions on any bright point of light for holidays, grand openings, and corporate event sponsorship. other 3d glasses the original laser viewers - specially treated holographic lenses break light into the spectrum. an exciting addition to fireworks displays, laser light shows and holiday celebrations everywhere.more than 200 million people have viewed fireworks and laser shows wearing our 3d fireworks glasses. these eye-opening glasses have specially treated lenses that bring the light show to your face. fireworks will never be the same. holographic diffraction grating lenses that break light into the spectrum or rainbow starbursts. for viewing fireworks displays, laser light shows, holiday and city lights and for the study of light and color. millions of people around the world have been dazzled by fireworks glasses and the amazing effects that bring fireworks and the rainbow spectrum excitingly alive. 3d glasses can be used with the following: movies, videos, television/television commercials/laser shows/marketing give-away (brochures & flyers)/internet web site viewing/corporate holiday greeting cards/food promotions (fast food & grocery)/children's books, magazines, comics/ magazine advertisements/sales presentation brochures/geographical mapping/corporate presentations/medical imaging/science activity kits/cd album covers/t-shirts & posters. these eye-opening glasses have specially treated lenses that enhance or vary all fireworks shows, laser display and other kinds of vision effect scene. we of

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Business Type: We are manufacturer (taiwan-funded enterprise) and specialize in r&d the laser light lens, graphics raster logo, diffraction grating lens(filter films),holographic grating filter films and 3d lens/filter films field
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Company : Huizhou yuda technology co.,ltd
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