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Ayurveda is an ancient system of health care that comprises healthy living along with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Atreya is a distinguished name in the Ayurvedic drugs manufacturing and rated as the quality manufacturers of traditional ayurvedic medicines and drugs. The Company comprises the GMP Certification and License of 400 drugs. Atreya has been established with a mission to endow the service regarding the eradication of epidemics & various diseases entirely. The Company is based in Barut, Baghput (U.P) and manufactures medicines in the manufacturing unit that has been kept away from disagreeable or obnoxious odour or fumes or excessive soot, dust or smoke.
Atreya Ayurvedic Pharmacy Products:-
Yakrata Tablet
Calcure Tablet
Milopile Tablet
Saxin Tablet
Chandrashila Tablet
Tonsol Tablet
Dizonal Tablet
Jwaril Tablet
Leucoplex Tablet
Fatorid Capsule
Rumot Liniment
Yakrata Drops
Scavina Powder & Oil
Femrod Syrup
Yakrata Syrup
Milicough Syrup
Haempur Syrup
Destocough Syrup
Milizole Syrup
Raktshodhak Capsule
Madhumil Capsule
Sombala Tablet
M-Calci Tablet
Saxin Capsule
Bosawith Capsule
Immunorich Capsule
Geriyat Capsule
Yakarta DS Syrup
Shakti 20 Syrup
Madhupushpa Syrup
Nephro Syrup
Milan Bal Ghutti
Saxin Oil
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Atreya Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Address :
Delhi Road, Baraut
City :
Baraut (Baghpat)
State :
Uttar Pradesh
Zip/Postal :
Mobile :
+91 - 9412321574 , 9319796400
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