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Rainwear: Five Different Types of Raincoats to Keep You Safe and Dry!

We all love rain! Think about when water is pouring outside, and we enjoy delicious snacks with a hot cup of tea or coffee with our loved ones! However, rain can be challenging when there are some important tasks to be accomplished, such as reaching a meeting or interview on time. Then, in such a scenario, to keep us safe and protected, here comes the raincoats. Do you know there are a variety of raincoats manufactured by raincoats manufacturers and suppliers in India? Now, there may be queries in your mind, like what are those types? So, without any delay, let us elaborate on them here.

Five Types of Raincoats

A raincoat is considered the outerwear over the dress and worn as a jacket or cover. It helps keep us comfortable and protected during the rain. The manufacturers and suppliers of rainwear in India make different raincoats to protect people from getting wet during the rains. With the following types of five raincoats, you can stay protected and enjoy the weather to the fullest:

  1. Rain Jackets: The Rain Jackets are usually small, reaching the waist or bottom area. Hoods or collars generally accompany them. The zippers and buttons are also provided to close them. It helps prevent the moisture inside.
  2. Ponchos: The Ponchos are the raincoats in India that help us stay safe and completely dry even during heavy downpours. It is a broad open material that is kept over the head. For more comfort and protection, it comes with a hood and is light in weight.
  3. Waterproof Raincoats: As the name suggests, Waterproof Raincoats keep you completely dry. They protect you from rainwater entirely. The manufacturers of raincoats in India manufacture waterproof raincoats also.
  4. Water-resistant Raincoats: If you are looking for an option that will keep you dry for a smaller period, water-resistant raincoats come in handy.
  5. Breathable Raincoats: The Breathable Raincoats may be waterproof or water-resistant. Breathable means that it will protect you from the rain and keep you cool also. It signifies the body will not hold the heat while wearing this raincoat.

Factors to Look for When Buying the Quality Raincoat

Now, after knowing about various raincoats, you may wonder what factors to consider when buying a quality raincoat. Please go through below:

  1. The raincoat should be light in weight and easy to carry.
  2. The raincoat should be comfortable and convenient to wear.
  3. The raincoat’s length should be as per your needs and requirements.
  4. The raincoat should not be water-resistant or repellant; rather, it should be waterproof.
  5. The maintenance of the raincoat should not be difficult. You may read the instructions on the care label for proper cleaning and maintenance.
  6. The raincoat’s seams should be properly sealed.
  7. The raincoat should not change its shape or shrink.

Rainy Season! Stormy weather could be difficult when one has to go outside for an important task. However, with the variety of raincoats manufactured in India by raincoat manufacturing companies, one may feel completely safe, protected, and merry in this weather.