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Four Uses and Applications of Tractors in Agriculture in India

In India, Agriculture is the primary occupation for most of the people. They earn their living with the help of agriculture. With its modernization, tractors play a crucial and significant role in the development and growth of agriculture. The tractors help the farmers perform complex and difficult agricultural processes easily, comfortably, and efficiently. Various tractor manufacturing companies in India manufacture them to fulfil the challenging needs of the farmers. There are several uses and applications of tractors for farmers in India. Understanding them will be helpful for them to make informed and wise purchasing decisions. So, let us detail the four uses and applications of tractors for agriculture in India.

Uses of Tractors for Farmers

Tractors are considered the essential machine for farmers in India. The tractor manufacturers and suppliers in India manufacture them in a way that they ensure to save time, effort and resources. Various uses of tractors for farmers are the following:

  1. Ploughing: Ploughing is the agricultural process that loosens the ground. It makes it suitable for growing crops and plants. Tractors play a significant role in ploughing. The ploughs can be attached directly or behind the trailer to the tractors. The plough manufacturers in India manufacture them in various varieties per the needs and requirements.
  2. Land Clearing: The other significant role that tractors play in agriculture is that they help in land clearing. Land clearing is the procedure or method of clearing the land from debris, small trees, vegetation and other such things. There is a need for the front-end loader to clear and remove the small trees. The grapple, loader, rotary cutter, box blade and many others are used as the attachments used with the tractors. In short and simple words, we may say that tractors play an important role in boosting and improving land usability.
  3. Spraying: Spraying is one of the most common and popular uses of tractors for farmers in agriculture. The tractors are used to spray fertilizers and pesticides safely, efficiently, and effectively. The sprayers are to be chosen based on the type of need or requirement. As they are available in various sizes. Some sprayers can be mounted to the tractors.
  4. Harvesting: The tractors are used to harvest the crops such as wheat, soybeans, corn, etc. They are used for other significant agricultural operations also. The combine harvesters can be directly attached to the tractors. There are various other harvesting machines used with the tractors.

There are other applications for which farmers may use tractors. These are Landscaping, Livestock Management, Sowing, Cultivation, Transportation, etc. The tractor manufacturing companies in India manufacture them sturdily to fulfil the aims of farmers. So, while making the purchasing decision, one must understand all the agricultural applications of the tractors.