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Indian Furniture Manufacturers are fully equipped. The style and quality are unquestionable. The designs are available in both traditional and modern style. The furniture for Home, Office and other Furniture Accessories are all available here. The category list of furniture industry includes:-Wooden furniture for homes, offices and industrial uses, Furniture-Glass, wrought iron, plastic, Furniture fittings, accessories and Furniture for all purposes fixtures. A large number of Indian furniture suppliers and exporters are listed here .At this platform they enjoy a huge domestic and international market base. The furniture manufactured and exported is of nonpareil quality, high durability, longer life and dust proof. The list of wooden bedroom furniture is available they offer high quality wood like cherry, ash and maple. To all the Indian furniture manufacturers irrespective of their size here we offer an online directory providing all the necessary details about the furniture industry which include all manufacturer, designer, supplier etc.

Furniture Exporters Directory List

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Hospital Furniture (97)

Electrical Dental Chair, ICU Bed, Medical Trolley, Double dome Standard steel le...

Handcrafted Furniture (826)

Handcrafted Sofa, Handcrafted Table, Handmade Dining Table

Outdoor and Garden Furniture (4)

Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Bench, Garden Bench, Beach Chair, L...

Restaurant Furniture (2)

Restaurant Chair, Bar Chair, Tea Table, Cafe Furniture

Wooden Furniture (325)

Wooden Bed, Wooden Bench, Wooden Sofa, Wooden Table, Wooden Almirah, Teak Furnit...

Doors, Windows Frames, Panels, Partitions and Shutters (209)

Doors, Windows Frames, Rolling Shutters, Door Frames

Office Furniture (426)

Office Furnitures, Beds, Dressers, Chairs, Tables, Consoles, Drawers, Sofas, Wor...

Plastic and Moulded Furnitures (104)

Plastic Furnitures, Beds, Dressers, Chairs, Tables, Consoles, Drawers, Sofas, Wo...

Home Furniture (53)

Dining Table, Tea Table, Inflatable Sofa, Folding Chairs, Folding Table, Relax C...

Modular Kitchen Furniture (2)

Kitchen Almirah, Modular Kitchen Cabinets, Crockery Almirah, German Kitchen Cabi...

Metal Furniture (4)

Steel Furniture, Steel Chair, Steel Rack, Steel Crockery Stands, Steel Almirah, ...

Furniture, Furniture Fittings & Fixtures (1085)

Furnitures, Furniture Fittings, Fixtures, Furniture Fixtures, Wooden Furnitures,...

Glass Furniture (47)

Glass Dining Set, Coffee Glass Table, Glass Corner Unit, Glass Cabin

School Furniture (4)

School Table, School Chairs, Students Chairs, Study Chairs, Classroom Chairs

Chairs, Sofas and Seating Furnitures (6)

Designer Sofa Set, Chairs, Sofa, Furniture Sofa, Executive Chairs

Wrought Iron Furniture (32)

Furnitures, Wrought Iron, Wrought Iron Furnitures, Wrought Iron Chaires, Wrought...

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