Ventura Exim

Cotton Silk

We supply 100% pure cotton fabric. The fabric which is believed to be most soothing and safe is called as cotton fabric. Immense use of cotton fabric for infant's dresses or beddings is a live testimony of its softness and skin-friendliness. Cotton f...



We provide natural and synthetic fabrics of high quality that are widely used in apparel and home furnishing. Natural fabric basically refers to those textiles which are made of animal or vegetable fibers, such as silk, wool, and linen (from flax), c...


Home Furnishing

We are famous all over the country for our collection of home furnishing fabrics. The beauty of these textiles is enhanced with the colorful paintings and theme based designs that depict the culture and tradition of the city. These textiles can be us...



Polyester is a strong and durable synthetic fabric. Polyester dries quickly and can be hand washable or dry-cleaned only type, so check your tags. Not only is Polyester attractive and easy to clean and care for, it's also extremely affordable for pro...



Since its invention, viscose is widely used for coating fabric. Its development with the passage of time has led to viscose being spun into thread for embroidery and trimmings. As the further development take place, viscose had entirely replaced the ...


Yarn Dyed Checks

We supply an exclusive range of yarn dyed checks. Our yarn-dyed checks have stripped and check effect and are highly acclaimed for its quality. Our yarn is for people who appreciate lovingly dyed check fabric and has a taste for colors that ranges fr...

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