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10x10mm Carrot Granules

Automatic tube cutting machine

TL-108 Automatic tube cutting machine,mainly used to cut copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel tubes and rods. Kinds of tubes with different shapes and different materials. Functions: 1.PLC controlled automatically, load and cut material automa...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Cartridge heater coiling machine

TL-340 Cartridge heater coiling machine is used to wind metal wire on the MgO rod. Functions: Step motor drive, the pitch can be adjusted. PLC control, easy operation. Stable performance, high production. Easy to change different specification...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Coiling machine for tubular heater

TL-110 Automatic coil winding machine is used to wind a wire into a circular heater. It applies to wire with different diameters, and both single-wire or double-wire are OK. Functions: 1.The principal axis speed controlled by Japan Mitsubishi tra...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

High frequency soldering machine

TL-205 High frequency soldering machine,mainly used to weld kinds of flanges with heating element tube. Functions: High frequency welding, high efficiency, little pollution, stable quality and safety. PLC automatically controlled, easy to operat...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

M-shape bending machine for heater

TL-185 M-shaped tube bending machine, is an intelligent machine which can bend various shapes of tubes. Functions: 14? touch screen, operation instruction is attached. PLC automatically controlled, change the parameters according to your require...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

MgO filling machine

TL-105 Filling machine is used to fill the tubes with MgO, and assure optimum centering of the coil in the element. Functions: 1.PLC automatically controlled, human-computer interface and control the oscillation frequency by electron speed regula...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Rolling machine for tubular heater

TL-101Tube rolling machine is used for compacting elements in order to increase the density of MgO. It has been well-received in France, Japan and other countries. Functions: 1. The frame of this machine is made out of pig iron casting. The roc...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Semiautomatic tube cutting machine

TL-120 Semiautomatic tube cutting machine is used to cut copper, iron, stainless steel round tubes Functions: Pneumatic clamping, start cutting automatically. Element rotates, automatically stop when loading finished. Burr-free ends on the tub...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Spot welder for tubular heater

The machine is used to weld terminal pin with coil. the machine has high production, stable performance....

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Terminal pin making machine

TL-131Termianl pin grinding machine is one of the terminal pin processing equipments. It is used to groove the ends of terminal pin. Functions: Stepless motor controls the speed. Main technical parameters: 1. Power supply: Triphase 380V 50Hz ...

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