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Aerospace Fasteners

Aerospace Grade Fasteners and Special Fasteners: Titanium Fasteners Cherry Max Fasteners Recoil Wire Thread Insert System Camloc Quaterturn Fasteners and Latches Huck Lock Bolts and Blind Fasteners Keensert Inserts/Keylocking Inserts Marson ...

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Keensert Inserts

Used in applications which require a strong, permanent metal thread in soft materials such as aluminum. Typically used in applications such as; aluminium gear box, aluminum frame, armunition (tank), door frames on trains made from aluminium....


Marson Rivets

Marson Marson brand offers a full line of blind rivets and threaded inserts in a wide variety of materials. Products include standard open-end rivets, as well as Specialty Rivets, including Closed-end, Multi-Grip and Plastic rivets. Threaded Inser...

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Recoil Wire Thread Inserts

Recoil Wire Thread Inserts & Strip feed inserts The Recoil helically wound screw-thread inserts are generally manufactured from Type 304 (18-8) stainless steel wire cold rolled into a diamond shaped cross section. Recoil inserts can be supplied in...


Huck Lock Bolts and Blind Fasteners

Huck Lock Bolts Huck LockBolts consist of two parts: a pin, and a collar. The bolt is inserted into one side of the joint material and the collar is placed over the bolt from the other side of the joint material. Access to both sides of the joint ...


Cherry Max Fasteners

CherryMAX "Bulbed" Rivet CherryMAX is a locked spindle blind rivet with a visibly inspectable mechanical locking device and its own installation washer, which eliminates the problems resulting from worn tool anvils. It is called a "bulbed" fastene...


Miniature Fasteners

Thread Types M/S 2A & 3A, UNJC, UNJF, A, B, AB, BF, BT, (Type 1, 17, 23 & 25), C, F, High-Low, U, T, TP (Tri-Point), TRS (Thread Rolling), PTRS (Plastic Thread Rolling), Fetter (Annular/Helical), Hi-Rise (30° Deep Thread), HPT (Hipped Plastic Thr...


Self Locking Nuts and Nut Plates

Self Locking Nuts Speciality Fasteners stocks the broadest range of self locking nuts in the industry. Our primary locknut manufacturers include; Republic/Alcoa, SPS Technologies, MacLean ESNA, The Monadnock Company and NAFCO. Aircraft Nut Plat...


Visu-Lok Fasteners

Visu-Lok Fasteners The Visu-Lok family of fasteners, designed for use in metal structure, have addressed the need for cost effective one-sided fastener installation for decades. The basic design of the Visu-Lok is based on one of the oldest and ti...


Composi-Lok animation

Composi-Lok animation Designed for use in composite laminates but equally well suited to metal structure, the Composi-Lok family of fasteners provides superior joint integrity. Composite laminates are capable of sustaining high loads but are subje...

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