We are manufacturers and suppliers of varieties of besan that reach out to millions of households all the way through a wide range of eatables such as dhokla, fafra, dalmoth and sohnpapri. The semifine granule besan we offer is the most popular varie...


Chana Atta

The chana atta we offer to our customers comes after going through the process of conditioning or tempering. We employ a number of methods in controlling the quantity of water present within each grain of gram to produce such chana atta. Usually a...



The Dalia we offer is extracted from the pre-roasted germinated wheat, which is naturally well off in natural fibres. We make the germinated wheat to undergo severe quality control measures and only after it the product reaches the customers. Dalia p...


M.P. Atta

Made from high quality wheat, we have MP atta for our customers. The MP atta made of MP wheat has more protein and are less flimsy than the atta used for pastry making. Using some clean and refined production processes, this atta is grinded. It is al...


Makki Atta

We produce makki atta in large scale with the help of the flourmills. Our flourmills are well maintained to avoid any types of disruption in our milling process. For getting rid of any unwanted particles or matters, we maintain a proper hygienic ...



We are manufacturers and suppliers of 100% processed rice and natural rice, which are presented in a very attractive and hygienic packaging. The rice we offer is processed in our flourmills. We offer rice flour in good varieties and make it available...


Soya Atta

We offer a fine quality of soya atta for our clients in which the vitamin and mineral content is considered in order to meet the terms with government standards. To ensure accurate labeling, we measure the exact amount of additives present in the pro...


Special Atta for Diabetic Patients

Apart from the common users of atta, there is a category of users which can not utilizes atta as usual due to its high carbohydrate contents. We also take full care of such diabetic patients who, unlike the usual ones, cannot consume the usual atta. ...



Tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tea is the agricultural product of the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of various cultivars and sub-varieties of the Camellia sinensis plant...etc...

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