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10x10mm Carrot Granules

Bone Plates for 2.0mm & 1.5mm

We Medical International offer our clines with a range of bone plats for 2.0mm & 1.5mm covering the following - Mini DCP Plate, Mini Straight Plate, Mini T Plate Right Angle, Mini T Plate Oblique Angle, Mini L Plate Right Angle (Left/Right), Mini L ...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Bone Plates for 2.7mm

We also offer a wide range of bone plates for 2.7mm. The offered range is made of DCP Plate, Quarter Tubular Plate, Straight Reconstruction Plate, T Plate, L Plate Right Angle (Left/Right), L Plate Oblique Angle (Left/Right) and instruments. You can ...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Bone Plates for 3.5mm Screws

The offered range of Bone Plates for 3.5mm screws covers - LC DCP Small Plate, DCP Small Plate, One Third Tubular Plate, Straight Reconstruction Plate, Bent Reconstruction Plate, Cloverleaf Plate, T Plate Oblique Angle, T Plate Right Angle, Y Reconst...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Bone Plates for 4.5mm Screws

The range of Bone plates for 4.5mm Screws covers -DCP Broad Plate, DCP Narrow Plate, LC DCP Broad Plate, LC DCP Narrow Plate, Straight Reconstruction Plate, Bent Reconstruction Plate, Semi Tubular Plate, T Plate, T Buttress Plate, L Buttress Plate (L...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Bone Screws

The range of bone screws provided by the company takes account of Cortical Screws, Cortical Screws (Self Tapping), Cancellous Screws, Cancellous Cannulated Screws, Malleolar Screws, Shaft Screws, Asnis Screws, Herbert Screws, ACL Screws....

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Carbon Products

In India Medical International is truly the name of excellence. Company has been recognized to source qualified medical instruments. Medical International also offers carbon products which are used in medical procedures. The range includes Carbon Rin...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Conventional Intramedullary Nails & Instruments

We-Medical International offer a high quality range of conventional Intramedullary Nails & Instruments such as K Nail, V Nail, Rush Nail & Square Nail and instruments. These products are sourced by wide client base over the country. Clients intereste...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

General Instruments

The offered range of General Includes a number of Instruments For Knee Surgery, Instruments For Spine Surgery, Instruments For Skull Surgery, Bone Cutting Instruments, Punch Forceps And Disc Rongeures, Bone Nibblers, Bone Holding Forceps, Bone Retrac...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Hip Prosthesis & Instruments

Medical International offers Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis, Thompson Hip Prosthesis & Bi-Polar Hip Prosthesis and instruments. All its equipments are widely demanded due to their unmatched quality and durable performance. Send us your enquiry for furth...

10x10mm Carrot Granules

Interlocking Bolts & Intramedullary Reaming Set

Clients looking for reliable range of Interlocking Bolts & Intramedullary Reaming Sets can also contact us. The rage by us covers - Interlocking Bolt 6.5mm, 4.9mm, 3.9mm, 3.4mm & 2.9mm and flexible reamers. Send us your enquiry for further informatio...

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