Al Junaid Food Product Pvt Ltd.

Bone Meal

Al-Junaid offers Bone meal which is a blend of crushed and coarsely ground bones. This bone meal is often used extensively for in animal feeding. Being a slow-release fertilizer, it is basically used utilized as a source of phosphorus....


Buffalo Meat

We provide the healthiest varieties of Buffalo Meat and they are exported widely to our clients over distances. We make sure that we attain to the levels of hygiene and freshness, and reach to the maximum stage of customer satisfaction....


Corned Buffalo

Corned Buffalo products by us are of the most superior quality that we export widely to our clients nationwide. Corned Buffalo item by us are trusted widely and attract great demands....


Frozen Meat

We export and supply the best quality frozen meat like halal meat, beef, boneless meat, frozen halal meat, buffalo meat and frozen boneless meat. We make sure that we attain to the levels of hygiene and freshness, and reach to the maximum stage of cu...


Frozen and Processed Foods

We export the best quality frozen and processed buffalo meat having low cholesterol and fat content, high proteins etc. Our products are assured of the finest and the healthiest quality meat varieties that are widely distributed across the globe....


Hoof & Horn Meal

Hoof and Horn Meal is a great source of nitrogen with having a small amount of phosphorus. Cooked ground dehydrated cattle hooves and horns are used to make this Hoof and Horn Meal which is almost equivalent to Blood Meal in Nitrogen content....


Meat Extract

We offer Meat extract to our client which is extremely concentrated meat stock, usually taken out from beef. Meat Extract is used to bring in some added meat flavor in cooking, and to make broth for drinking....


Meat Meal

We present animal feed products for livestock and poultry industry in the form of meat meal that contains products good for buffalo to grow in good and sturdy flesh....



Tallow is also offered from our side which is a rendered form of buffalo meet or mutton fat, processed from suet. Tallow is solid at room temperature and can also be stored for longer duration. Tallow is kept for that way without refrigeration to sto...

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