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M/S Glass Agencies based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana (INDIA) are Manufacturer & Exporter of all type of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific, Surgical, Medical, Hospital, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Woodenware, Laboratory Silicaware, Laboratory Rubberware, Laboratory Porcelainware, Laboratory Quartzware, Orthopedic, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dairy, Milk Testing, Surveying, Educational, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab Instruments & Equipments under EROSE brand including Microscope, Laboratory Chemical, Educational Charts, Models & Slides Our Lab Glassware apparatus are Beaker, Ruduction Adaptor, Expension Adaptor, Bend, Cone, Socket, Liebig Condensers, Coil Condenser, Electrical Distillation Apparatus, Separatory Funnels, Petri Dishes, Volumetric Flasks, Flat Bottom Flasks, Round Bottom Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Conical Flasks, Funnels, Test Tubes, Graduated Cylinders, Dropping Bottle, Burettes, Pipettes, Pyknometer, Viscometer, Quick Fit Bends Adaptors, Quick Fit Distillation Units, Measuring Cylinders, Table Blown moulded Glassware, Separating Funnels, Drying Tubes, Stoppers, Culture tube, bottles, Kipps Apparatus, glass adapters, test tubes, Soxhlet extraction apparatus, Graudated Test Tubes, Hoffman voltameter, Air pump, lift pump, force pump, filter pump, ganong photometer, ball joint, Class Laboratory Glassware with works certificate Lab Instruments apparatus are Oven, Hot Plate, Laminar Air Flow, Filter Paper, Retort Stands, Burertte Clamps, Boss Head, Bunsen Burners, Magnetic Stirrers, Heating Mantles, Test Tube Racks, Test Tube Brushes, Vaccum Pump, Water bath, Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Ph meter, Digital Micro Variable Pipettes Our Medical Products are Surgical Bandage Gloves, Centrifuge Machines, Autoclaves, Sterlizer, Dressing Drum, Surgical Blades, Suction Units,Cannula, Suture Needles, Enema Syringes, Plastic Bottles for Medicine, Equipments of Pharmacology, Dental Instruments, Electro – Medical Instruments, Veterinary Inst, Wheel Chairs, Hospital Furniture, Caps, Masks, Gowns, Drapes, Latex Rubber Gloves, Examination gloves, Surgical gloves, First Aid Kits, Syringes & Needle, Face mask, surgeon cap, oxygen mask, Lab Coat, urine container, stool container, urine bag, cord clamp, scalp vein set, Ryles tube, rectal tube, Nasal oxygen cannula, Mucus Extractor Infant, Infant Feeding Tube, Endotracheal tube, Catheter Foley balloon, Blood Administration set, Cotton, Bandages, Gauge Our Hospital Furniture are Bed, dressing trolley, medicine trolley, almirah, baby cradle, oxygen cylinder, pulse oximeter, Wheel chair, nebulizer, needle destroyer, ambu bag, Vaccum extractor, Stethoscope, B.P. Apparatus, Sphygmomanometer, ambu bag, Vaccum extractor, Stethoscope, B.P. Apparatus, Sphygmomanometer, Angle poise lamp, Our Surgical Instruments are Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel Hospital Utilities, Dental Instruments, Surgical Implants, Forceps & Twisters, Scissors, Operation Theater Instruments, Anesthetic Equipments, Cardiac Care Equipments, Ward Bed, Trolly's , Chair Etc, Electro-Surgical Instruments, Bed pan, bone cutter, catheter tray, Dissecting set, Dressing drum, Ear syringe, E.N.T set, Laryngoscope, Forcep, Sterilizers, Kidney Tray, Instrument Trays, Lotion Bowl, Scalple, Scissors, pliers, Autoclaves, Microtomes, surgical dental instruments, wheel chair, Our Biology Products are AUTOMATIC RASER SHARPNER, B.P.APPARATUS, CAMERA LUCIDA, CHARTS PRINTED RAXINE, COVER SLIP, DEMONSTRATION EYE PIECE, FIBER GLASS MODELS, HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY MODELS, HEAMOGLOBINOMETER, HAEMOCYTOMETER, HAND REFRACTROMETER, KYMOGRAPHY, MICROMETER EYE PIECE, MICRO- PHOTOGRAPHY APP, MECHANICAL STAGE, MICROMETER EYE PC, MODELS FIBER GLASS, PHOTOGRAPHY ATTACHMENT, PLANT PHYSILOGY APPARATUS, Animal Sciences, Botany, Biochemistry, Ecology, Embryology, Forestry, Histology, Human Physiology, Parasitology (Entomology), Plant Physiology, Veterinary, Zoology, all Other Branches of Biology and Life Sciences Etc Human Anatomy, Skeletons, Dissection Sets, Animal Cages, Aquarium, Various Nets, Preserved Animals, Collection Sets, Life History Mounts, Skeletal Preparations, Alizarine Preparations, Plastic Embedded Specimens, Plain Slides, Frosted Slides, Prepared Microscopic Slides (Permanent), Cover slips, Museum Mounts, Demonstration Sets, Charts On Rexine, Charts on Paper, charts Hand Drawn or Printed, Biological Models, Plastic, Fibre Glass, Our Microscope are MICROSCOPE, BINOCULAR RESEARCH MICROSCOPE, DISSECTING MICROSCOPE, INCLINED RESEARCH MICROSCOPE, MEDICAL MICROSCOPE , MELTLLURGICAL MICROSCOPE, POLARISING MICROSCOPE, PROJECTION MICROSCOPE, STEREO DISSECTING MICROSCOPE, TRINOCULAR RESEARCH MICROSCOPE, ZOOM STEREO DISSECTING MICROSCOPE, DARK FIELD RESEARCH MICROSCOPE, PHASE CONTRAST MICROSCOPE, ORE /TOOL MARKERS MICROSCOPE, Dissecting Microscope, Student Microscope, Junior medical microscope, Medical Microscope, Inverted tissue culture microscope, Projection Microscope, Surgical Microscope, Monocular Microscope, Stereo microscope, Zoom Stereo Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Travelling Microscope, Bioviewers Etc. All Type Of Accessories such as Widefield Eyepiece, Pointer-Eyepiece, Lamps, bulbs Etc Our Digital Electronic Lab Instruments are Filter Photo Calorimeter, COnductivity meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, PH Meter, Microprocessor based Ph Meter, Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, UV Spectrophotometer, UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Flame Photometer, Turbidity meter, Microprocessor Flame photometer, Flamephotometer, Semi Auto Analyzer, Portable Instruments, Microprocessor filter Photo Colorimeter, Spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Spectrophotometer, Ph meter, Water & Soil Testing Kit, Filter Photocalorimeter, Colony counter, Auto Karl fisher titrimeter, Microprocessor auto karl fisher titrimeter, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter, TDS meter, Salinity meter, Disolved oxygen meter, Our Chemistry lab Instruments are Analytical Balance, Laboratory Aprons, Aspirator bottle, Auxanometers, Bar magnet, Evaporating Basin, Crucible tong, Beaker Tong, Beaker, Beehive shelf, Bell jar, Bimettalic strip, Bioviewers, Drawing board, Dissecting Board, Force board, Boiling Flask, botany Models, Bottle Brush, Dropping Bottle, Graduated glass bottle, Salt bridge, Buchner funnel, bulb Type pipette filler, Rubber cork, Burette stand, Butterfly net, Chemical storage cabinet, Decade resistance box, Capillary tube, carbon Electrodes, Oscilloscope, Centrifuge tube, Charles law apparatus, Chromatography apparatus, G Clamp, Mohr Clip, Cobalt chloride test paper, Induction Coil, Helmholtz coil, Plotting Compass, Lovibond comparator, Copper voltameter, Daniel Cell, Concave mirror, tally Counter, Cover glass, Gooch crucible, Metal cubes, Cuvette, Graduated Glass Cylinder, Four stroke Petrol Engine model, Four stroke Diesel Engine Model, Vaccum dessicator, Lens holder, Test Tube holder, Theodolite, pipe caly triangle, Rubber tube, Sunshine recorder, Slide box, Stroboscope, Diffraction gratings, Disposable laboratory cloths, Disecting Pin, Zinc Plate, zinc Rod, Wall Thermometer, fly Wheel unit, Double beam balance, drying Cabinet, Demonstration Dynamo model, ebonite Rod, Egg Incubator, Electrophoresis Apparatus, Fire extinguishers, Wash bottle, Vaccum Pump, Van de graaff generators, Wire gauge, Inclined Plane, Dynamic Trolley, Optical bench, Stop Clock, Wind Vane, Boyle’s law Apparatus, Ticker tape timer, Ripple tank, Fortins Barometer, APRON, APRON COAT, ABBA REFRACTROMETER, ATOMIC MODEL SET, ASBESTOS SHEET, BOROSIL BEAKER GLASS, BALANCE ANALYTICAL, BALANCE CHEMICAL, BALANCE CHINOMATIC , BALANCE AIR DAMPING, BALANCE ELECTRONIC DIGITAL, BALANCE LIVER, BALANCE PHYSICAL, BALABCE SINGLE PAN, BUNSEN BURNER, BURETTE PIPETTE, CENTRIFUGE, CHROMOTOGRAPHYS APPARATUS / CABINET, CALCULATOR, CONDENSER, AIR, CONDENSER LEIBIGS, CORK BORING MACHINE, CRUCIBLE SILICA, CRUCIBLE SINTERED, DISTILLATION APPARATUS BOROSIL, DROPPERS GLASS, EXTRACTION APPARATUS (SOXHLET), FORTIN'S BAROMETER, FUNNEL STAND, GLAZED TILES, GLASSWARE, BOROSIL PYREX, GLASSWARE ORDINARY, INFRA RED MOISTURE METER, IRON STANDS, KIPPS APPARATUS, LABORATORY MIXER, MOISTURE METER, PLASTIC WARE, POLARIMETER, PYKNOMETER, RUBBER TUBE, SOXHLET EXTRACTION APP., STOP WATCH, STOP CLOCK, S V LAMP & TRANSFORMER, STALGNOMETER, THERMOMETERS, THERMOMETERS PRECISION, UV LAMP / TUBE, VISCOMETER, WEIGHT BOX ANALYTICAL,WEIGHT BOX FRECTION, WILLY MILL, WATER STILL ELECTRIC, BURNSTED, WATCH GLASS, WIRE GUAGE, WASH BOTTLE, Woodenware, Polytheneware, Silicaware, Porcelainware, Sintered Laboratory Glassware, Prism, Soda Glassware Apparatus, Neutral glassware Apparatus, Burner, gas tap, boss head, clamp, retort stand, burette clamp, tripod stand, pencil jockey, pulley, screw gauge, slotted weight, spatula, tongs, tuning fork, vernier calliper, Our Physivs Lab Instruments are BOYL'S LAW APPARATUS, BI-PRISM ASSEMBLY, BABINET COMPENSATOR, BAR PENDULUM, BALANCE CHEMICAL, BALANCES PHYSICAL, BRIDGES,SCHERING, WHEAT STONE, COMPASS, BRIDGE ANDERSON, BRIDGE WEIN, DEFLECTION MAGNETOMETER, BRIDGE KELVIN DESAUTY, VIBRATION MAGNETPMETER, CONDENSOR BOX, CONSTANT DEVIATION SPECTROGRAPH, C.D.S. PLATE CAMERA ETC. CALORIMETER COPPER/JOULES, CALENDER AND BARNS APPARATUS, FLY WHEEL FORTIN'S BAROMETER, FEBRY PEROT INTERFEROMETER, GALVANOMETER, GALVANOMETER TANGENT, GALVANOMETER SPOT REFLECTING, GALVANOMETER BALLISTIC, HOT PLATE, INTERIA TABLE, INDUCTANCE BOX, JAGGER'S APPARATUS, KATER PENDULUM, KEYS PLUG/REVERSING/KEY TAPPING, KELVIN BRIDGE, LEES AND CHARTON APPARATUS, LAMP AND SCALE APPARATUS, LENSES / MIRROR, PRISM / SLAB LASER POINTER, LECLANCHE CELL DANIAL, MILIKAN OIL DROP ASSEMBLY, NEWTON RING MICROSCOPE, SIX POSITION MICROSCOPE, MERCURY VAPOUR LAMP, MECHELSON'S INTERFEROMETER, METER SCALE ISI, METALIC CYLINDER/CUBES, MELDIES APPARATUS, NEWTON LAW OF COOLING, NEWTON RING MICROSCOPE, OPTICAL BENCH SINGLE, OPTICAL BENCH DOUBLE BAR, POISSION RATIO OF RUBBER APP., PETROL GAS PLANT MINI, PRISM CALCITE / QUARTZ, SPECTROMETER, POTENTIOMETER DIGITAL. PHOTO MEASURING MICROSCOPE, POLARIMETER, RHEOSTAT, RESISTANCE BOX, POST OFFICE BOX, RIPPLE TANK, RESEARCH POLARIMETER, RESEARCH SPECTROMETER, STOP WATCH / STOP CLOCK, SEARLS THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY, SPECTROMETER, SEXTANT, SODIUM VAPOUR LAMP/ TRANSFORMER, SLITS SINGLE/DOUBLE, SLOTTED WEIGHTS, SURFACE TENSION BY CAPILLARY, SEXTANT, TELESCOPE ASTRONOMICAL, THERMOMETERS, TUNNING FORKS, TRAVELLING MICROSCOPE, VOLTMETER V. Mv, VISCOSITY APPARATUS, VIBRATION MEGNETOMETER WEIGHT BOX PHYSICS AND ALLIED PRODUCTS (General) Covering-Current, Electricity, Gravity, Heat, Kinetic Energy, Light, Magnets, Mechanics, Measuring Devices, Electronics, Electrostatics, Hydrostatics, Sound, Statics, Photometry etc MEASUREMENTS : Meter Scales, Measuring Tapes, Vernier Callipers, Micrometers, Spherometers, Set of Cubes, Cylinders, Bobs, Masses, Slotted Masses, Balances, Spring Balances (Dynamometers) In Grams, Newtons and Dual Scales, Level Balances, Etc MECHANICS : Inclined Plane Apparatus and Accessories for Experiments of Friction, Dynamic Trolleys, Projectile Apparatus, Collision Apparatus, Parallelogram of Forces, Centre of Gravity Apparatus, Pendulums, Inertia Apparatus, Flywheels, Hook's Law Apparatus, Young's Modulus Apparatus, Centrifugal & Centripetal Force Apparatus, Linear Air Tracaks & Accessories etc SOUND : Sonometers, Tuning Forks, Resonance Apparatus, Resonance Boxes, Striking Hammers, Wave Propagation Apparatus ( Ripple Tank, Slinky, Helical Springs and Wave Motion Apparatus) Organ Pipes, Melde's Apparatus etc LIGHT : Optical Benches, Optical Discs, Light Boxes, Lenses, Lens Holders, Mirrors, Slabs, Diffraction Gratings, Biprisms, Spectrometres, Vernier Microscopes, Telescopes, Direct-vision Spectroscopes, Slits, Biprism Assembly, Models of Periscopes, Telescopes and Compound HEAT : Conductivity of Heat Apparatus, Expansion Apparatus, Bimetallic Strips, Pyrometers Bar Breaking Apparatus, Calorimeters, Joule's Calorimeters, Steam Generator, Steam Heaters, Ring and Ball apparatus, Bar and Gauge Apparatus, Ingen Hauze Apparatus, Hope's Apparatus, Hypsometers, Latent Heat Apparatus, Thermopiles, Thermocouples etc OVEN, muffle Furnace, BLOOD BANK refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Hot Plate, Incubator, Magnetic stirrer, water bath HYDROSTATIC & PNEUMATICS: Models of Lift Pump, Force Pumps, Hydrostatic Press, Hydrostatic Balances, Displacement Vessels, Bucket and Cylinder, Spouting Cylinders, Communicating Vessels, Water Turbines, Manometers, Pascal's Law Apparatus, Air Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Bell Jars, Magdeburg's Hemispeheres etc MAGNETISM AND ELECTROMAGNETISM : Lode stone Bar Magnets, Horse shoe Magnets, Alnico Permanent, Cylindrical Magnets, Plotting compasses, Pocket compasses, Deflection and vibration Magnetometers, Dip Needles, Dip Circles, Electromagnet solenoids, Magnetising and Demagnetising Solenoids, Tangent Galvanometers, Galvanoscopes, Induction Apparatus, Barlow Wheels Etc ELECTROSTATICS : Electroscopes, Spherical and Cylindrical Conductros, Proof Planes, Dischargers, Leyden jar, Electrophorus Apinus condenser, wimshurst Machine, Ebonite Rods, Glass Road, Rubbing Cloth, Van-de-graff's Generator, Head Of Hair, Faraday's Pail Etc. ELECTRONICS : Mounted Diode valves, Triode Valves, Characteristic Curves Apparatus, Audio Frequency Generators, Osciloscopes, Power supplies, Demountable Transformers,Battery Eliminators, Battery Chargers, Analog and Digtal Multimeters, RLC Resonance, Fibre Optic Demonstration Kits Etc CURRENT ELECTRICITY : Primary cells (Simple Cell. Lechlanche Cell, Daniel Cell, Bunsen Cell) Lead Accumulators, Alkali Accumulators, Nickel-cadmium cells, Battery Eliminators, Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, Resistance Boxes, P.O.Boxes, Rheostats, Resistance Coils standard Resistance, Plugs Keys, Switches, Commutators, Leads, Wires, Cables, Terminals Etc ELECTRIC BELLS, DEMONSTRATION MODELS : Electric Bells, Telegraph, Telephone, Reflecting Galvanometers and Accessories, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Galvanometers, Wheatstone Bridges, Meter Bridges, Potentiometers, Dial Type Potentiometers, Dial Type (Decade) Resistance Boxes and Capacitance Boxes, Electric Motors and Generator Models, Lamps, Lamp holders, Transformers, Induction Coils Etc VACUUM APPARATUS : Crooke's Tubes, Crooke's Radiometers, Geisseler's Tubes, cathode Ray Tubes for Demonstration of : Heating Effect, Deflection in Magnetic Field, Diffraction, Shadow and Stencil, Phosphorescence, Spectrum Tubes showing Discharge in Argon, Krypton Hydrogen, Cabon Dioxide, Mercury, Neon Etc Boyles law apparatus, barometer, clinostate, fly wheel, Newton colour disc, hooks law, optical bench, resonance apparatus, ripple tank, telescope, ticker tape timer, wave motion, wind vane, Our electronic Physics lab instruments are WAVE METER, AUDIO OSCILLATOR SINE / SQUARE WAVE, BATTERY CHARGER, BAND GAP SEMICONDUCTOR DIODE, CHARGING / DISCHARGING OF CAPACITOR, COLPITT OSCILLATOR, COMPUTER TRAINER 8085, CONVERSION OF G TO A CRO 20MHA DUAL TRACE, CRO 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, DIODE-TRIODE /TRANSISTOR, PENTODE, DIGITAL STOP CLOCK, DEMONSTRATION T.V.COLOUR, DEMONSTRATION T.V.B & W, DEMONSTRATION RADIO RECEIVER, DIAC CURVE APPARATUS, DIGITAL CAPACITANCE METER, DIGITAL FREQUENCY METER, DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER, DIODE HALF / FULLWAVE RECTIFIER, DUAL STABLISED POWER SUPPLY, DIGITAL POTENTIOMETER, EDUCATIONAL LOGIC COMPUTOR, ELECTRONIC STANDARD CELL ELECTRONIC TRAINING BOARDS, E/M BY THOMSON, E/M HELICAL METHOD, FET / SCR / DIAC / TRIAC / UJT, FUNCTION GENERATOR, FET AC VOLTMETER, FREQUENCY CH, GENERATOR PLUSE, GENERATOR SINE + SQUARE, GUASS METER, GATE NAND, AND, OR., NOR, TTL, IC TRAINER LOGIC TRAINERS, L.C.R.METER, KIRCHOFF'S LAW VERIFICATION, LOGIC TRAINING BOARD, TEMP. BY THERMISTER, NAND,AND ,NOR,OR GATES, OHMS LAW APP., ONE VALVE RECEIVER TRAINER, PHOTO CELL APPARATUS, P.N. JUNCTION TRAINER,PENTODE VALVE APPARATUS, POTENTIAL DROP OF WIRE, POWER SUPPLIES SINGLE, DUAL / STABLIZED, P.N.JUNCTION DIODE APPARATUS, RHEOSTATS LOADING, TUBE RIPPLE % OF A POWER SUPPLY, RC COUPLED AMPLIFIER, SINE + SQUARE WAVE, GENERATOR, SELENIUM PHOTO CELL APPARATUS, SEMI CONDUCTOR DIODE APP., SIGNAL TRACER, TETRODE VALVE APPARATUS, THYRATRON APPARATUS, TO STUDY C.R.O., TO STUDY TRANSISTERISED POWER SUPPLY, TO STUDY REGULATED POWER SUPPLY, TRAIC CURVE APPARATUS, TRANSISTER CURVE APPARATUS, TRIODE CURVE APPARATUS, UNIVERSAL SHUNT, ULTRASONIC DIFFRACTION APP, VARIAC VACCUM TUBE VOLT METER, VOLTAGE STABLISER, WATT METER, ZENER DIODE APP. etc etc Our General Scientific Instruments are Thermometers, Balances, Slab, lens, prism, mirror, magnifier, watch glass, lens holder, pendulum bob, accumulator, brush, cork borer, Our Pharmacy Instruments are Ampoulle Filling & Sealing Device, Ampoule Washing Machine, Analgesiometer Various, Animal Cage P.P., Asceptic Cabinet, Ball Mill, Capsule Filling Machine, Clearity Test Equipment, Collapsible Tube Filling Machine, Conical Perculator, Cylinders & Papers, Cooks Pole Climbing App., Disintegration Test App., Disintegrator, Dissolution Rate Test Equipment, Electro Convulsiometer, Frog and Heart Chambers, Great Scientist, Hand Grinding Mill, Histamine Chamber Keys Various, Kymograph, Recording Drum, Operating Tables & Animal Holders Polishing Pan, Rabbit Cage, Tablet Hardness Testers, Tablet Coating Pan, Tablet Counting Device, Tablet Friability Test App., Tablet Machine Hand Operated, Tablet Triturate Moulds, Tambours OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS : Stimulators, Plant Physiology Apparatus, slidoscopes, Microtomes, Hand / Table / Rocking / Sliding, / Freezing / Wood / Rotary / Sledge / Retracting Etc. Microtome Blades (Disposable), Garden Tools, Field Equipment, Agricultural instruments & Equipments Etc
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