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Menthol flacks

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    Food flavours, flavours fragrances

M/s k. m. chemicals

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Dementholised peppermint oil

    peppermint oil, menthol oil, natural essential oils, peppermint oils, natural menthol derivatives, menthol, rude mentha oil

Bhagat aromatics limited

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Chinese natural menthol crystals

    Food additives,food flavours, natural flavours, gum flavors, candy flavors, beverage flavors,natural menthol crystals,mentha,flvor,fragrance

Anhuiyinfengdailycosmetics co.,ltd

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Menthol Magic: From Nature to Industry

Step into the world of menthol, where nature's cooling sensation meets industrial innovation. Across India, menthol suppliers in Delhi, menthol suppliers in Gurgaon, and beyond are key players in providing this versatile compound to various sectors.

Menthol, extracted from peppermint or other mint oils, offers a spectrum of benefits, from its refreshing aroma to its therapeutic properties. Menthol suppliers in Delhi, menthol suppliers in Gurgaon, and other suppliers, ensure the highest quality by sourcing from trusted producers and adhering to stringent standards.

In Delhi, Gurgaon, and throughout India, menthol suppliers cater to diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage. Their role is crucial in delivering menthol for products like pain-relief creams, oral care items, and confectionery.

Sustainability is a priority, with menthol suppliers in Gurgaon, menthol suppliers in Delhi, and other places, implementing eco-friendly practices and partnering with sustainable producers. By offering responsibly sourced menthol, they contribute to a healthier planet.

From providing relief to delighting the senses, menthol's journey from supplier to product is one of ingenuity and dedication. In every application, its cooling touch leaves a lasting impression, making it a staple ingredient across industries.