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Walkie Talkie UHFVHF Radios
Walkie Talkie UHFVHF Radios
Model : Walkie Talkie UHFVHF Radios65093
Nowaday walkie talkie UHF/VHF radios have become useful in several places. These are in fact business purpose radio, removing distance between two persons by creating two way communications and allowing both to easily forward their messages. A walkie ...
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El Dorado Technologies Ltd

City :Noida

State :Uttar Pradesh

Country : India

Address : F-347, Sector-63 Electronic City Noida

Interactive Podium
Interactive Podium
Model : Interactive Podium33658
Interactive Podium: 17"Panel and computer inbuilt with complete Interactive software.
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Saatvik Communication

City :Delhi

State :Delhi

Country : India

Address : S-106 B, Shakarpur, delhi

HF Portable Radio Amplifier TC-300
HF Portable Radio Amplifier TC-300
  • hys
Model : TC-300
HF Amplifier Manufacturer Truest provides HF Portable Radio Amplifier, TC-300, electronic switch, energy saving and inversion polarity protection. Main Features: 1. This model can be amplify 100-150W for HF radio. 2. Turn on/off switch. 3. Auto ...
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HYS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Co Ltd

City :Quanzhou

State :Fujian

Country : China

Address : No.144 Wenlin South Road