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Web Based Software Developmen Web Based Software Developmen
CT has been developing and implementing web based applications to streamline the Audits & Surveys, Events and Promotions. The web applications facilitates the partners and customers to know about the details of the events and submit their registrations. The web application for the Promotional sch...
MobiToWeb Service MobiToWeb Service
An ideal solution for capturing the world around you and publishing to the internet directly from your mobile device. Most mobile devices today have built-in cameras and can capture high quality photos and videos. The users of such devices like taking pictures and shooting videos but they are una...
Low cost Wesite Design and Developm Low cost Wesite Design and Developm
We are leading state of the art website designing and development provider firm in Vadodara, Gujarat. We provide Low Cost Web Design & Web Development. We offer Static, Dynamic and Portal website design & development. We offer interactive web solutions. E- Commerce solutions, Shopping Carts, L...
Large Qty Of The IBM/HP/SUN parts Large Qty Of The IBM/HP/SUN parts
To learn more about our IBMHPSUN parts,or you have need to seek another hardware,Please contact us now. 3580-h11 $1650 Ibm 3580-h11 Ibm 100/200gb Lto Tape Library 3580-l11 $1650 Ibm Lto1 3580 L11 Ultrium Tape Drive 3580-l23 $2000 3580-l23 Ibm Lto-...
IT Online Test Application IT Online Test Application
Exams are based on given below courses mainly 1) Microsoft Certification in Web Application 2) PHP Certification 3) C Language 4) JAVA Certification 5) SDLC Short Term 6) .Net Architecture 7) Software System Analysis...
We are offering World class HASEE LCD PC- TV , LCD Panel PC, Laptop , Sharp Mobile Phone HASEE LCD PC-TV is a unique combination of LCD PC-TV. CPU is Built in Back Panel Of LCD. Its a space saving and power saving and gives complete PC +TV function and c...
EICMS solution is framework which adapts to new information or communication type easily. EICMS presently have multiple information and communication management type inbuilt and can be expandable to any extent. Information Management Information consists of various things * Organization infor...
Deal Management Software Applicatio Deal Management Software Applicatio
Setup your Deal type (Car deal, Land deal) at runtime. Depending upon the Deal type Configuration of key involved Entities ( Buyer, Seller) Based on the Deal type Configuration for necessary documents for successful Deal with Categorization as Required, Optional and Conditional (Specifies the neces...
 Acer Service Center in Delhi Acer Service Center in Delhi
Acer Service Center has categorization of its personnel depending on their area of specialization. For example, someone who is good at repairing laptops will not handle problems related to memory. Similarly, an Acer service expert is supposed to know everything about the area that the expert...
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